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Stats as of April 1st

Average pageviews a month: 45,000
Followers (via GFC, Feedburner, and Bloglovin'): 1,500+
Facebook Likes: 980+
Pinterest Followers: 3,030+
Twitter Followers: 415+
Instagram Followers: 230+

Sidebar Ads - At the beginning of each month I do one post featuring the sponsors for that month.

Small 150x150 
$20 per month or $50 for three months

Large 300x300

$40 per month or $100 for three months

I allow contextual text links to relevant, quality websites in past posts. I charge $50 per text link per six months, and I require that a post be at least 14 days old before I put a text link in it.

I love testing out and reviewing sewing patterns. I do free reviews in one post with two text links.

I do free reviews of products that are relevant to my blog in one post with two text links. The product must be worth at least $20 and provider pays shipping. I prefer having product giveaways with product review posts.
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