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What sewing machine do you use?
My sewing machine is a Bernina-Aurora 430. It's the machine I used during college and when they sold the used ones for a discount price, I snagged one for myself. I use this baby at least an hour a day if not more, and it has never given me any problems. There are some quilting features on it that I don't use, but I have loved this faithful machine. I'm pretty sure I can use this one my whole life and probably pass it down to my kids.
Do you have a serger, if yes, what kind?
My serger is a Brother 1034D. It was a surprise from my husband, and it has been completely amazing. I really don't know how I sewed without a serger. It's user friendly, and it can do lots of different things.
What camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D3100. I don't know much about DSLR or photography, so I learn something new every time I use it.

Two things you can't live without:
-I always wear scissors on a ribbon around my neck. Many times I find the scissors hanging around my neck after I've been walking around a store or when I answer the door.
-Tailor's Chalk. A lifesaver! This stuff shows up on everything and disappears with just a little bit of steam. I use it on virtually every project I do.


  1. the yarn softening... you mention shampoo and conditioner? like the stuff for your hair? and what type did you use... like baby shampoo? i'm just wondering as i tried the washing with it before with extra downy but it didn't really work and silly me took off the wrapper and didn't tie it up so it became one big mess of yarn! :) so, brand? thanks!

    1. Yes i used regular hair shampoo and conditioner. The conditioner makes a big difference!


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