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Me Made: Striped Flint Pants

After I made my first pink Flint Pants, I wanted to make another pair right away. I didn’t have any good fabric, and I haven’t been buying a lot of fabric recently. I’m trying really, really hard to use up what fabric I have in my stash, but I didn’t have any lightweight, drapey fabric. I was just going to wait until next summer, but a couple of weeks ago I thrifted a bunch of amazing apparel fabric. (I’m sort of on a fabric buying freeze, but I can’t pass up yards of apparel fabric for $3.99.) One of the fabrics I thrifted was this gorgeous, drapey striped fabric.

Me Made: Striped Flint Pants

Let me tell you about this fabric. It’s kind of a loooong story.
When I got the fabric, it was smooth and flat similar to rayon. I washed it and dried it for the first time, and when it came out of the dryer it had shrunk in on the weft. It turned into a crinkly gauze like fabric, and it was very different from when it went in the wash initially. At first I was really disappointed in the changed because I was hoping for rayon-like striped fabric. But I thought maybe it would still work for the Flint pants as drapey, crinkly pants. I ironed it flat, and when the fabric was steamed all the wrinkles fell out. I decided to cut it out when it was ironed so I could get smooth lines, and I thought it would wrinkle up and the pants would fit me just a little tighter.
I cut out the pattern when the fabric was ironed and flat. The fabric sewed up well; it was really easy to work with. I used shell buttons again, but this time I used the wood-like back to get matching tan buttons. I really like the organic look of shell and wood buttons. The only alteration I made from my first pair was to lengthen the darts slightly since I’m taller than the pattern and forgot to lengthen them the first time I lengthened the pattern.

Me Made: Striped Flint Pants

I also partially lined the pants. I lined from the waistband till about mid-thigh. The fabric is slightly transparent when it’s ironed flat. I treated the pants and lining pieces as one which was easier to sew, but I forgot to line where the back of the pockets were since they are separate pieces. You can only see it when I tuck in a dark shirt, and it shows through.
When I finished there were some wrinkles here and there, but the pants fit great and I was happy with the result. I decided to throw them in the dryer to get it to wrinkle up so I could see what they looked like when they shrunk and crinkled in. Surprisingly, the dryer doesn’t change the fabric at all. When I took them out of the dryer, they were exactly the same.Me Made: Striped Flint Pants

I decided to wash them and dry them like I normally would to see what they would do. They crinkled up just like before, and I thought great I have gauze pants. When I tried putting them on, they were too tight to even button! They wrinkled up so much that the pants were too tight. I wanted to cry and throw them away. I had not planned on making pants that I had to iron every time I wore them. I was worried they’d be too small forever, and I’d never be able to wear them. I ironed them and the wrinkles fell out so easily, and they fit again. They look just like when I first finished them. How strange is that? I’m wondering if it’s hot water that makes them wrinkle and that hopefully cold water won’t change the fabric. I haven’t tried it yet.
I wonder if I would have cut it out when it was wrinkled then I’d have wide leg crinkly gauze pants which is more common. I’d never have to iron them, but I wouldn’t have drapey striped fabric like I dreamed up.
I have no idea what this fabric is or what it’s made out of. I did a burn test and it smelled like natural fibers being burned. It’s too thin to be linen. I’m guessing it’s some sort of rayon cotton blend. This striped cotton gauze fabric looks almost identical I just don’t know if it irons flat. There’s also all these gauze fabrics, but I don’t know if these iron flat either.
Me Made: Striped Flint Pants

I’m disappointed that I’ll have to iron them every time (unless I find a different way to wash them that won’t make the wrinkles come back), but I really do love these pants! They move so well, and they are a great basic. I think I finally finished my summer wardrobe just before it gets cold, and maybe I’ll write up a post putting it all together. I didn’t plan this wardrobe, and that’s why it took so long, but I’m really happy with where it ended up. Luckily, I have a great wardrobe to start with next summer! I think I’ll plan Fall so that I don’t finish when Fall ends!

Me Made: Striped Flint Pants

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