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Nursery with a Planked Wall // Before and After

We recently moved into our first house and are slowly updating it to our preferences room by room. We actually painted two of the bedrooms before we moved in, but it took me awhile to decorate the way I wanted. The first room is my baby's nursery. She's almost 18 mos, but it was really fun to completely decorate a baby room. This room was hard to decorate because it's almost exactly a square, and it's pretty small for a bedroom. I used a mix of things we already had and only a few new or DIY items.
Baby Girl Nursery with a Planked Wall, Pink, White, and Gray // Before and After
When we first moved in this bedroom had olive painted walls, and red washed barn wood planked on one side and added as trim throughout the whole room. There was also rodeo print curtains that I forgot to take a picture of. We took the curtains down before I could take pictures!
Baby Girl Nursery with a Planked Wall, Pink, White, and Gray // Before and After
 I found it really hard to decorate the planked wall. It's a statement wall, so it doesn't need much. I didn't want to overdecorate, but I didn't want to not decorate. But how could I hang a frame against a wall that wasn't flat?
I decided on creating a faux taxidermy flamingo head with this free sewing pattern. I added some felt flowers around the base of the neck and some tiny silk flowers on the flamingo's head. I had the white painted wood from a past project, and I just stapled and glued the head to the board.
Flamingo Faux Taxidermy Baby Girl Nursery with a Planked Wall
We painted the walls with Sherwin Williams Evening Shadow which is a really pretty gray. We whitewashed the barnwood with Sherwin Williams Extra White which is the most basic white. We did two thinned coats. The dresser was used by my mom when she was young. Then my sister and I used it growing up. Now my baby gets to use it. It's still in good condition. I took off the knobs and handles and replaced them with shiny knobs and silver handles.
Here's a list of the other items you can see in the room:
Donut banner - free printable
Rocking Recliner - I made this over three years ago, and it's still going strong.
Pink striped curtains* - We got these brand new from a yard sale, but they were originally from Target.
Crib* - I've used the same crib for all three of my kids.
Rug - We got this square multi-colored rug for this square room that encompassed all the colors in the room.
Hamper - A basic net hamper with handles. I paid $2 for it.
Lamp - A basic, inexpensive lamp.
Baby monitor* - I love this monitor. We've had it longer than 3 years and it's still working.
Sound machine* - I love having a sound machine or a fan for my kids, so I don't worry about waking them up.
Quilt - I made this faux quilt for my baby. It has all the colors in the room.
Crib sheet - I designed this fabric and turned it into a crib sheet.
Baby Girl Nursery with a Planked Wall, Pink, White, and Gray // Before and After
I decided to put up a little gallery wall above the dresser. The two flower pictures on the left are prints of paintings that my neighbor from my childhood did and recently gave to me. I love the colors of the flowers and the memories of a wonderful neighbor. The embroidered picture in the middle is embroidery done by my aunt for my mother. It also used to hang above my bed when I was a child. The bird pictures are both cards that I framed. One is a card my husband and I bought on our first anniversary trip. The other is a card my parents gave me recently, and I loved the colors and birds. It's quite fitting since my baby's first word besides "mama" and "dada" is "birdie."
Baby Girl Nursery with a Planked Wall, Pink, White, and Gray // Before and After
The room was already set up with an amazing barn door on the closet. I love that it's there and we don't have to build one ourselves. I don't love the galvanized metal on the closet door or the back of the bedroom door, but we didn't want to paint it. It'll stay that way for now.
Baby Girl Nursery with a Planked Wall, Pink, White, and Gray // Before and After


  1. I love it heather!! Especially what you did with the plank wall. Gorgeous!

  2. Love your inspiration pics. Good luck surviving the renovation, I’m holding out on remodeling anything until the kids are a little older, I don’t think I could survive it!

    Cath Brookes
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