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Me Made Made 2017 and What I learned

Me Made May is such a great thing. If you haven't tried it, I recommend you do. It helps you see what you like wearing and what you need in your wardrobe. I learn something new about myself and my sewing projects, I make new friends, and get inspired by the online sewing community. If you want to read about what I learned, scroll to the bottom.
Me Made Made 2017
1. Patterned cardigan, maker tee (vinyl applied to RTW tee)
2. Mint union st tee*, denim tencel joggers
3. Floral harbor knot tee, skinny jeans
4. Tencel jacket, chambray button down, fleece halifax hoodie, leggings
5. Woven tee, thrifted altered jeans
Me Made Made 2017
1. Sized up union st tee, thrifted jeans
2. Thrifted tencel button up, jacquard pleated pencil skirt
3. Altered dress, thrifted altered shorts
4. Waterfall raglan, thrifted altered jeans
5. Fitted linen cheyenne tunic, skinny jeans
6. Maker tee, thrifted altered shorts
7. Baseball alcoy dress
8. Thrifted tee, denim tencel joggers
9. Waterfall raglan, thrifted altered jeans
Me Made Made 2017
1. Thrifted tencel button up, thrifted altered maxi skirt
2. Tencel jacket, turquoise halifax hoodie, sized up union st tee, thrifted jeans
3. Chambray button up, RTW sweater, RTW cardigan, thrifted jeans
4. Waterproof kelly anorak, navy halifax hoodie, hand-me-down altered jeans
5. Mint union st tee*, thrifted cardigan, thrifted moto leggings
6. Floral union st tee*, denim tencel joggers
7. Silk tee (I have had this handmade silk woven tee for a LONG time and finally found an outfit to wear with it! I can see myself actually wearing it now!), RTW cardigan, altered pencil skirt*
8. Tencel jacket, turquoise halifax hoodie, floral cheyenne tunic
9. Tencel jacket, RTW cardigan, floral harbor knot tee
Me Made Made 2017
1. Woven tee, hand-me-down cardigan, altered shorts
2. Thrifted bleached dress
3. Altered dress, thrifted altered jeans
4. Sized up union st tee, thrifted white jeans
5. Embroidered marigold peplum (unblogged because I don't reach for it. I need to redo the sleeves and then I'll probably wear it), hand-me-down altered jeans
6. Altered dress
7. Maker tee, RTW hoodie, RTW leggings
8. Mint union st tee*, thrifted altered shorts
9. Thrifted tee, tencel denim joggers

I found I need a couple more basic tees, a long navy cardigan, a swimsuit and new sandals. All of these are items I can finish this month and enjoy all summer. Of course I have a longer list than that, but those are not items I regularly thought about needing when I got dressed in the morning.
I need to alter my embroidered peplum and take in the sides of my mint tee.
I need to make a white and black striped tee since the one I have is thrifted and not a tall size.
I also found that I would love to have many more handmade items in my closet. I wanted to wear more than one handmade item every day. My goal is to be able to wear two handmade items every day next May.

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