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Me Made: Embroidered Marigold Peplum

Me Made: Embroidered Marigold Peplum Pattern

I have quite a story about this shirt. This shirt has actually been finished for almost two years. I finished it two summers ago right after I got pregnant with my third child. I made it for the purpose of a nursing-friendly shirt, but by the time I was finished I couldn't fit into it. I had to wait a whole year to try it on! After trying it on there were multiple things I needed to fix, but since this is back to basics June I was determined to fix them and make this shirt wearable.
Me Made: Embroidered Marigold Peplum Pattern
I used the Marigold Dress Pattern and made the peplum version. I had won it in a giveaway at some point. I think I made an x-small based on the measurements, but I literally can't remember. At the time I was looking for basically the Cheyenne Tunic*, but it (and anything like it) didn't exist yet. The Marigold is a great pattern, and I don't remember having any problems while putting it together. I don't love wearing peplums, but I do love that this one is very relaxed. And since there is a waistband seam I was able to place the embroidered border right under the waist seam. The embroidery going all the way around the waist looks really cool from the side.
Me Made: Embroidered Marigold Peplum Pattern
I ordered this embroidered fabric from fabric.com a couple of years ago. The second I saw it I fell in love with it immediately, so I ordered three yards. It isn't available anymore, but there is this blue embroidered lawn*, embroidered chambray*, and white embroidered lawn. It's really fun to get pre-embroidered fabric and place the embroidery where you want it.
I didn't plan the pattern pieces very well, and there was too much embroidery when I first finished it. I ended up taking the front panels out and replacing it with remaining white fabric. I also had a lot of problems with the sleeves.
Me Made: Embroidered Marigold Peplum Pattern
When I first finished it I either misjudged my shoulders being broad or the sleeves didn't have a high enough cap and the top of the sleeves were way too tight. It was so uncomfortable. I unpicked the sleeves slightly and added some fabric to the top. I sewed it on like a pleat which gave me more space for my shoulder, but I didn't like the look of it. So it sat in my closet for a year. Now that I've been done nursing for a couple of months I saw it hanging in my closet and decided to fix it so that I would wear it. I took the sleeves off, and used them with the added pleats to cut new sleeves out. Luckily, I had a little bit of extra fabric to cut out more sleeves that had a taller cap.
Me Made: Embroidered Marigold Peplum Pattern

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  1. Super cute. I have this pattern and have been wanting to try it.


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