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Why I Wear Horizontal Stripes (and You Should Too!)

There is a myth that's been around forever that horizontal stripes make you look wider, and I am going to debunk that myth today! You, no matter your size, can wear horizontal stripes if you want. I'm not here to change your style; if stripes aren't your style then don't wear them. Stripes can definitely fall in the classy and preppy category which might not be your style. BUT if you don't wear horizontal stripes because you think they are unflattering, you need to read this post.
Which box of stripes above looks thinner?
The horizontal stripes looks like a thinner and taller box. The horizontal stripes looks short and wide. They are the exact same size but one is horizontal and one is vertical. What happens when we put those stripes on a body?
With the stripes on these roughly drawn figures, which figure looks taller and thinner and which figure looks shorter and wider? It's not as easy to see as the boxes, but the horizontal stripes are more flattering than the vertical stripes. I pulled up some past sewn creations of horizontal stripes and vertical stripes.
Which shirt looks more flattering, the horizontal stripes or the vertical stripes? Even with a higher waist with the vertical stripes (a higher waist makes you look taller) the vertical stripes make me look shorter and wider. The horizontal stripes are more flattering.
In this example the rule "horizontal stripes make you look wider" is completely wrong. Which figure looks shorter and wider? The one with a line across the hips where a shirt could end.
You can use vertical and horizontal stripes to your advantage. You can use vertical stripes where you want more emphasis and you can use horizontal stripes where you want less emphasis. If you're a pear you can wear vertical stripes on top or horizontal stripes on the bottom. If you're a inverted triangle you can wear horizontal stripes on the top or vertical stripes on the bottom. These are just examples and not rules. You can wear stripes however you what and whatever shape you are as long as you are happy with where the emphasis is.

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