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Me Made: Waterfall Raglan with Bell Sleeves

I have been thinking about the upcoming hot summer and the tees I'll be wearing. Last summer I made a bunch of simple, solid tees (I actually only have only a few in my closet now), and I'm ready to move onto tees that are a step up from basic. I've been eyeing the Waterfall Raglan ever since it came out, but I didn't know if the shape would look good on me. I like to watch and think about a pattern a long time before I buy it. Well, I met Gabriela from Chalk and Notch at Snap conference (she was my roommate!), and at the sewing meetup she gave away one free pattern. I won't say no to a free pattern, especially one I've been eyeing.
As I was searching for inspiration for a tee with a ruffle hem, I came across this bell sleeve charcoal tee with a ruffle hem. I fell in love with the color, the bell sleeves, and how it had raglan sleeves and a ruffle at the hem just like the Waterfall Raglan. I know myself and knew I would be more likely to wear it if I made a hi-lo hem instead of the curved front and back hem.
After reading some reviews of the pattern, I decided to make a size 0 which fit my measurements perfectly. (You only have to measure your bust and your bicep.) After assembling the pattern and realizing I had only a yard of fabric to work with, I altered the pattern some more. I shaved off 1/2" both side seams and tapering it so that I didn't alter the sleeves. I also took off 1/2" of the ruffle sides. I shortened the short sleeves but 1.5" since I planned to add the bells. I cut 6" by 1.5 the measurement of the bottom of the sleeve for the gathered bell. I flipped the front curve from going down to going up and lowered it by 2". I didn't alter the back.
I won this rayon spandex fabric from a Project Run and Play giveaway from Fabric Mart. I purchased it without a plan and only got 1 yard. The Waterfall Raglan calls for 1.25 yards of fabric for the size 0, but I knew I could make it work. After a lot of jigsaw work and careful cutting, I made it work with 1 yard. (I don't recommend it unless you want to alter the pattern and stress yourself out about making it work!)
This fabric is soft, really drapey, and wasn't that hard to work with. I love the feeling of it and the amazing movement.
The pattern is drafted really well and the instructions were detailed. A beginner would definitely be able to make this with a lot of patience. I was very impressed with the pattern, and I'm not just saying that because I met Gabriela in real life. It really is a good pattern. I would recommend it to anyone. I also have to say that I've seen the Waterfall Raglan on lots of difference body types, and it was flattering on all. Especially if using really drapey fabric.
I love the pocket detail, and the bell sleeves. I have not been interested in bell sleeves at all. I was just going to wait for the trend to pass. That could be because I mostly see bell sleeves as long sleeves and I only like long sleeves that are tight and fitted. Once I realized I could wear bell sleeves in the summer and get that extra breeziness, I was all in. I guess with this tee it was "go big or go home", right? Give me all the ruffles. I've already worn this tee three times since I finished it, and I can't wait to wear this tee all summer!


  1. I love the modifications you made and it really looks like your inspiration photo! I am so happy you like the pattern too :) XO

    1. Well you designed a pretty amazing pattern! I love it! And I am very impressed that it's flattering on so many different shapes!

  2. Beautiful tee Now I want to try this modification too

  3. I like these mods. I will have to try the hi lo hem and ruffle sleeves too!

  4. I really like your fabric/pattern combination. I saw some of the raglan tops in busy material, and for me, the combination was just a bit much, with the ruffles and the colors. So I love your grey version! Melanie (The Flying Needle)


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