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Me Made: Floral Harbor Knot Tee and GIVEAWAY!

Me Made: Floral Harbor Knot Tee
I made another Harbor Knot Tee. My first one was a beautiful color and had lovely dots, but there was not enough spandex in the tee to give it good drape and returnability. Luckily, I assumed that my first one would be my wearable muslin and planned to make another one. I was able to make a couple of extra alterations on this one and it's perfect. I've probably worn it every week since I finished it. It's comfortable, trendy, flattering, and forgiving.
To win 3 yards of this beautiful rayon spandex comment on my instagram post and tag your favorite sewing friend!
Me Made: Floral Harbor Knot Tee
For this one I used a rayon spandex fabric. I have a giant roll of this in my stash that I use every once in awhile. The roll was a remnant from a manufacturer from years ago. It's a great fabric with lots of drape and returnability. There's a big difference of fit between the first one and this one based solely on the fabric. This one falls over my body without sticking out from it. I made an XS on each one. The dotted blush one is a little too long, and my hips don't fill it out. (I don't have hips, I'm more of a rectangle/inverted triangle.) I don't have the same problem with my hips in this one.
Me Made: Floral Harbor Knot Tee
The original alterations I made to the pattern were to lengthen it by 1 inch just below the sleeves. I also took 1 inch out on each side at the waist. I kept these same alterations, but I shortened the curve of the hem by 2 inches. Since the fabric is so stretchy and drapey, I still got lots of length; it looks almost the same length as my first one, but it hits me at a much more flattering spot.
Me Made: Floral Harbor Knot Tee
The knot and curved triangle hem is very flattering and easier to wear than half-tucking a tee. I can't wait to wear this tee all summer long. Most likely on a weekly basis.
Me Made: Floral Harbor Knot Tee
thrifted skinny jeans*, sandals*

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  1. Gorgeous fabric, and such a fun shirt. The design of the shirt is great, it looks totally put together, but its just a shirt! LOVE stuff like that.


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