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Me Made: Harbor Knot Tee

When Striped Swallow Designs released their Harbor Knot Tee pattern I bought it that very day. I have never fallen in love with a pattern that fast or bought a pattern the day it released. I usually like to take time to think about a pattern, think about fabric choices, and think about how it would fit in my thoughtful wardrobe. I'm really picky about patterns because I already have a lot of patterns that rarely get used so I like to spend my money on patterns that I know I'll use. Anyway, I loved the Harbor Knot Tee because it's a comfortable tee, but the little knot detail brings it up a level.
Me Made: Harbor Knot Tee
I made this first muslin to try out the pattern, and luckily, it's a wearable muslin. I've already worn it a lot. I used a thin, drapey, polka dot jersey fabric that was in my stash. I don't remember where I got it originally, but here's some similar blush rayon fabrics. It doesn't have a whole lot of recovery, but it has a good drape. I can't wait to try this shirt again in another fabric.
Me Made: Harbor Knot Tee
My measurements fell in between size XS and S, but after reading some test reviews and reading through the pattern instructions I decided to just make a straight XS. I'm glad I did because I think I could still make it even smaller. I even took out an inch at the waist after finishing the tee. I didn't know how the pattern pieces would turn into a knot so it was hard to do any altering before sewing it up.
I also lengthened the bodice 1" just under the sleeves. I'm 5'10" but I didn't need to add any height over the bust or to the sleeve cap. The next one I'll make will have a different look because I will use fabric with better recovery, but I want to make the sides a little tighter so it hugs my frame just a little more.
Me Made: Harbor Knot Tee
The pattern pieces were pretty straightforward and the instruction were good. I was able to follow the line drawings easily. The knot part was hard to understand just from pictures, but there's a video explaining how to do that step which makes it a lot easier. I would recommend this pattern to anyone who wants to tackle a little bit of a challenge and make a really amazing tee!
I tried a new hemming trick with my double needle which made my hems look better than they have in a long time. I've been avoiding knits since last summer because I was so fed up with my double needle tunneling everything. I'd tried so many tricks that wasn't working, but I finally found one that worked. Hopefully I'll be sharing a tutorial soon!
Me Made: Harbor Knot Tee

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  1. I was just saying the other day that I wish a pattern like this was available because I love the shirts I've seen with this detail! Thanks for sharing it.


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