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Fabric A to Z Book Review

Today I'm going to talk about the book Fabrics A-to-Z: The Essential Guide to Choosing and Using Fabric for Sewing*. I got this book a couple of years ago for Christmas. Some of the fabrics I read about and didn't know what they were until the last year. Fabric stores have been much better at offering good and unique apparel fabrics, so you can actually find all the fabrics in the book.
Fabrics A-to-Z* has SO much information about fabric, but it's written in a way that's really easy to understand. I love that you can look up one fabric and everything you need to know is right there. There's an explanation of the fabric, all the properties of the fabric, and how to work with the fabric. I really love that you can know what thread, needles, and interfacing to use for each and every fabric. This page is about Tencel which was almost unknown when I first got this book. Now it is one of my very favorite fabrics to work with. I buy fabric yardage and thrift Tencel ready-to-wear items whenever I find them.
The fabrics are organized by fiber and then by each fabric, so you can always find what you want to learn about. There's information about all the different fabric prints, and at the back there's some basic sewing tips like how to sew with zippers. It's pretty amazing how much information is in this one book and how easy the information is to digest.
I would recommend the book Fabrics A-to-Z* to anyone who wants to learn about all the different fabrics and how to work with them. It's a great book to have in your library. It's small so it's easy to to bring it to the fabric store with you in case you need information while buying fabric and sewing supplies. It's great for any level of sewing because anyone who wants to sew can use information from this book. 

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