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My 5 Favorite Patterns and Alterations: 2017

At the end of every year I figure out what my hits and misses are, but it's been almost 18 mos since I sat down and really thought about my favorite patterns. These are the patterns that I want to use often and base my wardrobe on. My list is small because these are the basics of basics.Tops
1. Cheyenne Tunic Pattern*
2. Halifax Hoodie Pattern*
3. Dressy Talk Woven Tee Pattern 
4. Altering Thrifted Jeans 
I only have one post of this to share, but I do this to almost every single pair of jeans that I get. I usually only have to do the waist, but most of the pants I buy need some sort of alteration. Especially when I thrift pants.
5. Pleated Pencil Skirt

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