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Me Made: Faux Suede Ikat Evergreen Jacket

I have had this amazing faux suede (microfiber) Ikat fabric for three and a half years. I ordered a bunch and used it to reupholster a chair (which we still use daily). I had about two yards leftover and some scraps. I wanted to make something really cool for myself because the fabric is amazing. I thought about making faux suede pants: I didn't think I would ever wear them. I thought about making a pencil skirt: I'd wear it all the time, but it wouldn't use up all the fabric. I wanted to make a blazer and was set on that for about a year. I even made a wearable muslin of a blazer pattern. Then I bought a knit blazer and realized that I only want to wear blazers with stretch. I was back to the beginning. I started perusing pinterest for a suede anything and came across a suede moto/aviator jacket. That was something I had never even considered, but I fell in love with the idea immediately. I researched patterns and decided on the Evergreen Jacket Pattern*.  I finished this jacket over a month ago before we started packing up to move, so some of the cutting and sewing details are a little fuzzy.
The Evergreen Jacket Pattern* is made for stable knits. I read through the fitting section and sized up one size. I can't remember if I added length to the waist area. I almost always have to, but I think after checking the larger size to my length I think it was long enough. I can't remember if I added length to the sleeves. The sleeves ended up being too tight, I should have added width so I just let out both seam allowances as much as possible. The sleeves also ended up being a tad too short so I made the faux fur cuffs extra tall. The body also ended up being a tad too short so I added a waistband to the hem. It doesn't have the zipper go through it so I added four navy metal snaps. I used navy metal zippers on the front and the pockets.
 shirtjeans* altered (back waist in, legs in, distressed, shortened and staggered hem), flatscrossbody bag*, rose gold infinity ring* (shirt and shoes are from Thredup, use this link and get $10 off!)
I was really careful when I cut out the pieces. I lined up everything horizontally and made each reverse piece match perfectly. It took me a really long time to lay it out, but that part can make or break a finished item. I'm especially proud of the back bodice. That's three pieces across the back that look like one seamless piece. I'm a little disappointed with my yoke pattern placement. I did well with the vertical line up, but I forgot to think about the horizontal repeat. I should've picked a different part of the pattern since it repeats too soon the bodice. 
The pattern instructions were fantastic and I didn't have any problems sewing it together. I had more problems with sewing faux suede, it's slippery in a stiff way, so a couple of times I had to unpick, carefully pin, and sew again.The microfiber Ikat fabric is literally couch fabric. It reads similar to a velvet or a faux suede though. It doesn't have any stretch but the loose fit makes it comfortable. I can't wear a thick sweater underneath though; the sleeves are too fitted for that. It's great with a short sleeve shirt though. I lined the jacket with a faux fur. That fabric is a stretch fabric so it has a lot of movement inside. I interfaced the collar and zipper area so it sewed like a woven. I love the cozy faux fur. It's a beautiful color, and it's very warm and soft.
I love this jacket. It's a little more bold than I usually wear, and I usually only wear solids. The colors fit perfectly into my wardrobe though. Luckily, I've been mostly making and wearing solids, so a pretty print like this is easy to fit into my wardrobe. It's not a basic jacket that I can wear daily, it's more of a "wow" jacket, but it's just so beautiful! 


  1. Looks so good!!!! Great job lining up the pattern in the front!

  2. The jacket turned out just perfect. Such a great piece for our crazy fall and spring weather. That pattern looks fabulous!


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