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Sewing Goals and Sewing Plans for 2017

Looking Back at 2016
I think my only goal for this year in relation to sewing is to enjoy the process and only make things I love. I want to slow down and make high quality items that will get a lot of wear. I'm going to be really slow since we'll be adding another baby to the family, so I also want to enjoy lots of family time without the stress or pressure of deadlines.
I did only okay with this goal. I got better as the year went on. I'm in a really good place to accomplish this goal now that I'm starting a new year.

Looking Ahead at 2017
I want to only sew what I want to sew.
I want to create a wardrobe I love and that everything coordinates and is minimalistic. 
I want to only blog when I want to blog.
I plan on buying the majority of my childrens' wardrobes this year and only sew a few appealing things throughout the year.
I want to learn how to flatlock.
I want to make a good jacket that fits perfectly and that I'll 
I don't think I'm going to sew my t-shirts anymore. It's way too hard to get a nice looking hem. I say this and then might change my mind later, I'm just tired of sewing twin needle hems on jersey fabrics.

Twelve Makes for 2017
1. Navy French Terry Sweatshirt - Halifax Hoodie Pattern*: This is actually finished. I just finished it this week.
2. Turquoise Sweater Fleece Sweatshirt - Halifax Hoodie Pattern*: This is also finished. I just finished it this week.
3. Turquoise Zip-up Sweatshirt - Halifax Hoodie Pattern*: I have pretty fabric given to me from my SIL. I just need to buy a zipper and matching ribbing. 
Halifax Hoodie Pattern, turquoise sweater fleece (not available online), navy french terry (not available online), turquoise sweatshirt fleece (not available online)
4. Striped Rayon Challis Shirt - Cheyenne Tunic Pattern*: I have the pattern and fabric. I just need buttons. I've even already figured out how to combine the two looks of the Cheyenne tunic so I get a half button placket and a collar. I will hopefully have a tutorial for you when I get to it.
Cheyenne Tunic Pattern, striped rayon challis (I linked to a different colorway), chambray popover
5. Chambray Rayon Shirt - Cheyenne Tunic Pattern*: I have been trying to recreate the shirt on the right for YEARSI have the pattern and now the fabric. I just need buttons. 
Cheyenne Tunic Pattern, rayon fabric (not available online), chambray look
6. Ikat Faux Suede Jacket - Evergreen Jacket Pattern*: I've had this faux suede ikat fabric for 2.5 years. At first I was going to make a blazer, but in the past six months I realized that the fabric would be two thick, heavy, and uncomfortable. Now my goal is to make an oversized aviator jacket. This will take a lot of work because the pattern is for stretch fabrics. So I have to major muslin to get the right oversized fit for woven fabric. I need to buy the notions and shearling.
Evergreen Jacket Pattern, faux suede ikat fabric (not available online), jacket, jacket, jacket
7. Navy Waterproof Anorak - Kelly Anorak Jacket Pattern or Lonetree Jacket Pattern: I'm leaning towards the Kelly Anorak pattern but I have not purchased a pattern for this project yet. I have waterproof navy fabric and an idea of what I want. So I needs notions, lining and probably underlining. This is a big undertaking, but I'm pretty excited about this project.
8. Striped Cotton Sateen Woven Tee - Dressy Talk Woven Tee Pattern: I have perfected this pattern so this is a really fast sew. And it doesn't need any notions!
9. Dotted Chambray Woven Tee - Dressy Talk Woven Tee PatternI have a small remnant of pretty chambray fabric that I'd love to sew into a woven tee. 
10. Striped Swimsuit - First Crush Swimsuit Pattern: I need to buy the pattern which has almost every modification I could ever imagine. I think I want to make separates, but we'll see how I feel when I get to it. I need to buy lining and elastic, and I won't start this until it gets a lot warmer.
First Crush Swimsuit Pattern, striped swimsuit fabric (not available online), swimsuit
11. Coral Pencil Skirt - Pleated Pencil Skirt Pattern: This is one of my tried and true patterns and I've made a ton of these skirts. But I love them. I want to make a pretty pink one.
Pleated Pencil Skirt Pattern, coral slub woven fabric (not available online), pink pencil skirt look
12. Ikat Pencil Skirt - Pleated Pencil Skirt Pattern: I originally got this fabric to make woven bermuda shorts. But I've since changed my mind, and I'm going to make a pencil skirt instead.
Pleated Pencil Skirt Pattern, ikat woven fabric (not available online), ikat pencil skirt


  1. Such a great list and plan!

  2. Wow! Some of my same thoughts, plans and ideas here! Also, it looks like congratulations are in order?!


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