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"Happy" Wardrobe Resources

One thing I've noticed on all those "Capsule Wardrobe" posts is a list of clothing items you "have" to buy. "To have the perfect wardrobe you have to buy all these items that I have in my wardrobe. And I'm going to give you another big list in three months." Now I understand that most of these bloggers need to make money, and they make money through affiliate linking. I have nothing against this since I use affiliate linking myself, but I don't find it very helpful when it comes to a happy wardrobe because all it does is encourage spending and often the items are more than I like to spend.
Well, maybe you do have to buy some things for your wardrobe, but first you have to know what styles you like, what fit you like, and the colors you like. AND you can make, thrift, buy clearance, or inexpensive brands to make your "happy" wardrobe. Also, there are no set rules. You don't have to have certain items, shop at certain places, or have a certain number of pieces. Wear only what you love and what fits you.
I don't have a perfect wardrobe, but I'm happier with my wardrobe than I ever have been. It's simpler, smaller, and all of the pieces are my favorite pieces. It feels like me, and it's way easy to get dressed in the morning. I put together a list of some of the resources that have helped me simplify and improve my wardrobe. Most don't have a list of things to buy but might link to some. I'm not trying to encourage spending; I'm trying to encourage figuring out yourself and your "happy" wardrobe.
"Happy" Wardrobe Resources
1. Colette Wardrobe Architect - I talk about this series all the time, and I cannot sing it's praises enough. It is geared towards someone who sews, but I think it can benefit anyone. There are multiple worksheets to figure out your style and colors. It's not technically a capsule wardrobe, but it's still a great way to define your wardrobe.
2. Un-Fancy Capsule Experiment - This one is mostly reading about someone else's experience with a pared down wardrobe. There are a lot of benefits to having a smaller wardrobe and not feeling like you have to buy, buy, buy. There's also a free Capsule Planner if you'd like to use that.
3. Three Wardrobe Building Myths - I love this article and agree that all these are definitely myths!
"Happy" Wardrobe Resources
4. These next three are all series from Putting Me Together. I love that they don't have set numbers of items, set colors, or a set style. It's about figuring out yourself and your wardrobe and tips to do that. I really love her tips for updating your wardrobe because it makes you be honest with your activities. You love dressing like Kate Middleton, but you work from home. Instead of having a bunch of clothing that's too formal for your life, channel her style into a more casual wardrobe so you can still wear what you love in but it fits into your lifestyle.
Building a Remixable Wardrobe
Wardrobe from Scratch
Tips for Updating Your Wardrobe
5. How I Plan My Way to a Better Me-Made Wardrobe - planning is everything!
6. I love thrifting, but I used to find thrifting overwhelming. Everything is under $5 so why not buy it all? Now that I know my style, I'm strict about fit, and I know my colors. I can narrow down a rack to 5 items I'm sort of interested in which I then narrow down to one or none. Here are some tips about thrifting and it's the best tips I've found. Better than any other thrifting article or post I've read.
How to Thrift Quality Pieces for Your Closet: What to Look For
How to Thrift Quality Pieces for Your Closet: Where to Look
How to Thrift Quality Pieces for Your Closet: How to Look
"Happy" Wardrobe Resources

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  1. I love these resources. Thanks for putting this together. I actually read the thrifting tips before I went thrifting. I love having this resource to refer back to.


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