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2016 Sewing Hits and Sewing Misses

It's time to look at my sewing hits and sewing misses from the past year. I've this in the past, and it really helps me analyze what I've made to have more successful sewing in the future. It was really interesting because the beginning of the year I was pregnant and sewing maternity clothing. I didn't include any maternity makes in this list since I'm working on my regular wardrobe at the moment, and I want to focus on what I'm wearing now. Well, here is my list of my sewing hits and then my sewing misses in no particular order.

Sewing Hits
Floral Cheyenne Tunic - I love this fabric and this tunic style. All the colors fit perfectly into my capsule. I don't wear this as much in the winter since it's 3/4 sleeves, and it's not quite warm enough unless I wear it with a long warm cardigan. I can't wait for it to be warm enough to wear this weekly again.
Denim Joggers - These denim joggers are the best. I LOVE these pants. I wore the darker ones the most. These pants are also not warm enough for the winter since it's such a light fabric. I've worn them a couple of times in the winter and and didn't realize that a fitted sweater could make me love denim joggers any more. But I just love wearing a fitted sweater and denim joggers.

Maker Graphic Tee - I didn't realize how much I love wearing a graphic tee until I made one and wore it until it wore out. I definitely will be making and wearing graphic tees in the future.
Thrifted Jeans - I thrifted a pair of gap jeans and then fitted the legs and the waist. These are my go-to jeans. I love them and wear them constantly. I always choose these first. I didn't realize that I like a little bit of distressing so much. I think I'm going to try thrifting and fitting jeans again.
How I Stopped Sewing "Unworns" - This technically isn't an item of clothing, but all year I had been figuring out the "unworns" in my closet. I finally sat down and wrote it out. It's definitely a breakthrough for me, and I hope it helps others. I just had to include it since I still go back to it to help me figure things out.

Rayon Challis Woven Tee - This is the first woven tee I've ever made and worn, and I love it. The colors are perfect, the fit is perfect, and it's a step up from a regular tee. I'm planning a couple more woven tees to add to my wardrobe soon.

Sewing Misses
Two Aurora Tees - Even though I used good fabric on both tees that I made, I just don't love dolman sleeves on me. It might change in the future, but for now I'm going to stay away from dolman sleeves.
5 Tee Shirt Comparison - Some of these tees get worn all the time but the coral and floral tee on the right both shrunk and I hate wearing too short tees so that's why I included them here. I need to be more diligent and careful and pre-washing my fabric before using it!
Upcycled Tee Shirt - I liked the striped fabric and the fabric had good stretch, but the sleeves feel a little too short. I've already gotten rid of this tee.
Sweater With Lace Cuffs - This sweater is great, but the cuffs were too tight and irritated my arms. I added the lace hoping to release some of the tightness, which it did, but I still don't wear it. I've already gotten rid of this sweater too.


  1. I like this post. I like that you have reflected on what worked and what didn't work. And the thing I like the most is that you haven't kept around stuff that you didn't like as much just in case you might like it. I feel like that is something I do far too often. Isn't it better to keep around the 10 things you love and wear often instead of 100 things that are ok and maybe someday I will wear it? Thanks for sharing your feelings about this. Now to go and clean out the maybes out of my closet!

  2. Love this post!!!!!!!!


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