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Sometimes I Try and Sometimes I Fail

I really wanted to make some cute, warm boots for my baby. I had this idea of a certain style of boots, and I thought, "well, why don't I make it into a free pattern for my readers?" So I worked on a pattern. I wanted to use black elastic that would be exposed. I worked on the pattern and used some cotton woven fabric for mock ups so I could get the perfect baby boot and the perfect baby boot pattern.
I started with one mock up and altered the pattern. Then I made a second mock up and altered the pattern again. Then I made a third mock up and altered the pattern again. Then I made a fourth mock up and altered the pattern again. Then I cut the pattern out of leather, flannel, and the thick black elastic.
Well, the mock ups were easy to sew because the fabric was flexible. When I tried sewing the leather since it wasn't as flexible it was way tricky to sew and maneuver. I didn't feel comfortable giving out a free pattern and tutorial that is REALLY hard to sew. The boots turned out okay, but my baby girl has super small feet so they don't stay on her feet. And she won't fit into them for a long time. I bet these boots will fit her next summer. Or even next winter. I even tried adding two darts to each side of the boot to make them stay on her feet. It didn't help much. These boots turned out to be a fail.


  1. I love that you've posted one that didn't work (although cute regardless). It's all part of the journey! Just as important a lesson as any tutorial.

  2. They may not have worked out how you wanted, but to me they still worked out. It is nice to know that I am not the only one that tries, tries, and then fails. Thanks for sharing the trying...and the less than successful outcome. Good luck next time!


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