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My 8 Favorite FREE Baby Sewing Patterns

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about my seven favorite free baby sewing patterns. Those were the patterns I had used for my little baby boy. I had used all those patterns, but after having two more kids and using a lot more free baby sewing patterns, I thought it was time to update my list. These are the patterns that I have truly used more than three times at least. Most more than ten times. I really do love these patterns and can recommend them all. What is your favorite baby sewing pattern?

1. Free Toddler Pants sewing pattern 18 mos - I used these skinny jeans for both my older kids and love this pattern. I've used it multiple times and the pants look good every time. I've used stretch corduroy and stretch denim. It's a great pattern.
2. Free Diaper Cover sewing pattern 0-3 mos, 3-6 mos, 6-12 mos, 12-24 mos - I have used this pattern countless times. I've used it for my own babies and for gifts. I love using solids and prints.
3. Free Baby Leggings sewing pattern 6-9 mos and 9-12 mos - I literally have no idea how many times I have used this legging pattern. I have used it for gifts, I have used it for costumes, I have upcycled tee shirts using this pattern, and I will keep using this pattern forever.
4. Free Little Geranium Dress sewing pattern 0-3 mos - This is such an adorable baby dress. I love the simple style. I'ved used it for both my girls and newborn babies. It's easy and quick and cute.
5. Free Tshirt Romper Sewing Pattern - Old Tutorial - Tshirt Romper Sewing Pattern - New Tutorial 6-9 mos - I know this is my own pattern, but I've used this pattern over ten times. I love reusing t-shirts to make these for my little kids. It's so fast and cheap!
6. Free Upcycled Baby Shoes sewing pattern 6-12 mos - Baby shoes are so cute and I used this basic shoe pattern countless times. I use these for gifts and my own babies. They are great for crawling and walking and protecting the cute little toes.
7. Free Baby Drool Bib sewing pattern 0-12 mos - There are tons of drool bib patterns on pinterest. Mine isn't better than others it's just printed out so I use it. I use this the most when my babies are newborns and are spitting up a little bit here and there.
8. Free Upcycled Baby Shorts sewing pattern 3-6 mos, 6-12 mos, 12-18 mos - As you know I love upcycling. A lot. And I created this pattern to be used with both woven fabrics and knit fabrics which makes it so versatile and reusing the hem makes it so quick! I love it. (And it's printed out.)

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