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Me Made: Mama Bear Sweatshirt

I decided to give myself a slow and easy project to enjoy. I just needed something slow to look forward to instead of feeling the need to rush through something. I ordered one of my graphic tee panels from My Fabric Designs; the Mama Bear one on the interlock blend fabric. Once I got the panel, I cut out all the pieces and embroidered around the letters.
Let's talk about the pattern and fit first. I used the Union St. Tee pattern (affiliate link) but straightened the hem, straightened the curved sides, and shortened the body by a couple of inches. I didn't have enough fabric to cut out the sleeves (the interlock blend isn't very wide), so I cut the sleeves, neckband, sleeve cuffs, and waistband from mint cotton spandex. I bought this fabric that was leftover from a fabric manufacturer. I was a little worried that the sweatshirt would look too baggy and would need waist shaping but after getting responses on instagram I'm happy with the fit and look.
I decided to embroider around the words. I used a variegated embroidery floss. It goes from white to mint to turquoise to evergreen and back. I like that it pulls in mint from the rest of the sweatshirt. I thought the embroidery would show up a little more, you can hardly see it from far away, but I'm still glad I did it. It was a relaxing thing to do while watching TV.
After embroidering I decided to water down some black acrylic paint to "dye" where the letters are. I thought it would just fill in with a nice charcoal, but it came out really dark and filled in all my letters. I still like it, but I wish it would've been a little more faded.
I surprisingly really love the mix of colors. In the past I've struggled with wearing colorblocked items. I think since white and mint are part of my wardrobe colors, and since white and mint are similarly lighter colors it is easier for me to wear. I love a good cozy sweatshirt for winter and the graphic makes it just a step up. It's easy to throw on and easy to wear with other items in my closet.
Here's a little video to see the sweatshirt in action! Subscribe to my youtube channel to see more videos!


  1. Love it! Glad you included a detailed shot of the embroidery!

  2. Cute! I looks so comfy. Now if only I could wear it to work....that would be the best.


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