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Me Made: Floral Joggers

I talk about how I'm only sewing with certain colors all the time, but for this project I decided to break that rule. I only decided to break that rule because I'm always dreaming about floral joggers, and good floral fabric is hard to come by at a good price. I have a friend that runs a manufacturing warehouse and sells me some of his remnants for cheap. I saw this fabric there, and when I saw it close up I wasn't interested. When I was walking away the colors got better from far away so I decided to buy it. I don't know exactly what it is. It has only a small amount of stretch, it looks like a jersey from the back, but the front looks like a crepe fabric. It's fairly thin and has pretty good drape.
Me Made: Floral Liverpool Hudson Joggers
The pink is the only color really in my wardrobe, and I only have this shirt and maybe one other shirt that matches it. I think it'll become a lounger pair of joggers that can be used as pajamas but look nice enough to wear out if needed. They are very comfortable. Since I knew it would hardly match anything in my wardrobe, I decided to keep the cuffs, pocket trim, and waistband all in the floral fabric. I knew it would be almost impossible to match the black, and all the other colors would make it even harder to wear with shirts.
Me Made: Floral Liverpool Hudson Joggers
I used the Hudson Pants pattern. (I've used this pattern over ten times.) I made a size 2, and I lengthened the legs by 4". I also straightened the hip curve from waist to the bottom of the pocket. I really need to go in and fix the front crotch curve so there's a little less fabric there. Besides that, I made the pattern as instructed. They come together so quickly; I think that's my favorite thing about this pattern. I can cut them out and finish them in a day even with young children around and needing things.
I'm wearing my Maker tee using this maker tee fabric and these Converse Shoreline slip-on shoe (affiliate link) in gray and white.
Me Made: Floral Liverpool Hudson Joggers
And here's a quick movie to see the pants moving. And I have a great dance move at the end.


  1. Those are way cute! And totally acceptable to wear out of the house. Or just at home. That colorway is so pretty. And thanks for sharing the pants in action.

  2. Love these! And the idea of slip on converse sneakers is brilliant. And I love your dance moves.


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