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Upcycling: The Journey of Handmade Clothing

I've now been making clothing long enough to have clothing go on a journey through multiple family members. I thought it would be fun to go back and look at the journey of some of the clothing that I've made. These items I talk about today started as being fabric printed and then fully constructed clothing. Then as time went on they were slowly upcycled into a new item. You know I love making clothing, but I really, really love upcycling. There's something so special about reusing an item instead of throwing it away. And reusing hems, pockets, details, etc. makes it even more fast and fun!
About two and a half years ago, right after Claire was born, I made these polka dotted cropped Hudson pants. I cut out the pattern pieces and fabric printed the polka dots onto the pieces. Then I sewed them up. I wore them a lot; I wore them until some of the seams started getting holes in them. So I threw them in the "to upcycle" pile.
When Claire was about eighteen months old I cut up my joggers to make some polka dotted joggers for her. I reused and cut smaller the waistband, pockets, and cuffs. And I was happy to reuse the polka dotted fabric too. She wore these all winter. They were a little long for her when I first made them, but then they lasted a lot longer.
Once summer came and she was just over two years old the pants were too short. So I chopped them off into shorts. I wanted these to last as long as possible! And these lasted through the summer until the rise was too short and the fabric was really worn out. The fabric was worn as three different items and lasted two and a half years!
When Henry was eighteen months old I made these walrus leggings. I fabric printed walruses on a men's green polo shirt. Then I cut out some leggings for him and put them together. He wore these for probably a year or so. They were really big when I first made them and then he grew into them. They were great leggings. My favorite part was the one walrus on the center back piece.
My daughter wore these in the winter when she was two years old. The knees were so thin and ragged. Then summer and the heat came, so I chopped them off into shorties. She wore these through the summer and still has them in her drawer. We might have a couple of warm days that she can wear them before it gets too cold. They might last through another child too!

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