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Sewing for the Girl: Upcycled Rain Dress

I made a simple tee shirt for myself and forgot to lengthen it. I also tried adding twill tape to the back neckline and shoulders like ready-to-wear tee shirts with made the neckline really wide. Basically the shirt was unwearable for me even though I LOVED the fabric. Since I didn't want to waste the neckline or the hems I upcycled the tee into a dress for my daughter. She's happy to wear dresses and the Happy Rain fabric fits her spunky personality.
I used the Happy Rain fabric I designed and had it printed on the interlock blend: a cotton spandex fabric. It's a nice stretchy fabric with lots of stretch and recovery but not a lot of drape. I love all the print and colors of the raindrops. I didn't reuse the tee sleeves. Instead I used some contrasting blue rib knit from my stash for the sleeve bands.
I used the free summer nightie sewing pattern from Sew Much Ado. I left off the ruffle because my daughter didn't need the length and I didn't need the extra step. And I wanted to reuse the original hem. It's a great pattern, and I didn't even use it as a nightie. I have made her some nighties using the pattern and they are great. The pattern fits my daughter's small frame really well.
She has already stained the front near the neckband. She stains her clothes almost immediately. I need to remember to keep her in darker clothes so she can't stain them. But I always gravitate towards lighter colors...
It's very play-friendly and great for running around in. She jumps off the couch, rides her bike, and plays in the dirt in the dress. I'm hoping for a couple more warm days before Fall sets in, but she can always wear this with a cardigan over or a long sleeved shirt underneath.

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  1. She looks so grown up! The dress is so cute. The fabric print is adorable!


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