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Sewing for the Girl: Ruffled Briar Dress

This summer I made my daughter two Mini Briar dresses, one with a ruffle and one that is sleeveless. She's been wearing them all summer; they are perfect for playing and running around. I'm sharing the ruffled Briar dress here, and I'm sharing a tutorial for how to make a sleeveless mini briar over on Design Diary.
I thrifted a tunic with a ruffle at the hem a couple of years ago that I wore a lot. I wasn't wearing it as much recently, so I cut it up to make a ruffled dress for Claire. I reused the sleeve hems, cut down the neckband, and the ruffle. I made the tunic length of the Mini Briar in size 2/3. Instead of hemming I just sewed on the gathered ruffle.
The body portion is a soft, stretchy jersey. The ruffle is actually made out of silk. I can't believe I made something for my daughter from silk, but it washes really well and wasn't expensive since I thrifted it. The ruffle is one long piece underneath a shorter piece.
Since the cut of the Mini Briar is so forgiving, she will be able to wear this for another year or two as she grows. It would look great as a tunic. I love the minty color of this dress and that both the fabrics are the same color. It's so hard to do that with purchased fabrics.
Don't forget to check out the tutorial about how to make a sleeveless mini briar!

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