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I finally made myself something from beginning to end (no upcycling or fitting) that isn’t made out of knit. I’ve purchased some woven fabrics to make some clothes, but I’ve been slowed down by my to-do list and having three kids. Anyway, I’ve been wanting to step up my everyday wear. I love wearing tees for comfort and style, but I can’t wear only tees and needed some nicer tops. I was looking for a good woven tee pattern, and there are a lot to choose from. I finally decided on the Dressy Talk Woven Tee Pattern. I liked the slightly longer sleeve length, the overall fit and style, the hi-lo hem, and that it comes in two different lengths.

Me Made: Rayon Challis Woven Tee

Let’s talk about the alterations. First, I used the taller size and then added a bunch of length. I added 1/2″ between the neckline and the armpit, I added 1″ right above the waist, and I added 1″ at the high hip. Since I lengthened in the armscye I had to lengthen the sleeve cap. Then I checked the width. My bust and hips fell in the same size with my waist two sizes larger. I cut it that way, but then when I sewed it up and tried it on, the bust and waist were huge and the hips were tight. So I took in the bust and waist and let out the hips. I also let out the sleeves, they were a tad tight. I also raised the bust darts 1.5″ up. All of these were easy fixes, and I’ll be able to use the pattern again with just a couple of pattern alterations. Overall, it’s a tad tight, but my bust will decrease when I’m done nursing in a couple of months.
I liked the pattern and love how mine turned out. I guess this is my wearable muslin, and there are a couple of things I’m going to change for the next one: fix widths around my shoulders and the body of the blouse, raise the darts, shorten the sleeve cap. I found the pattern a little confusing (there were two different styles or something, so I didn’t know which one to cut out?), and no information about it in the instructions. I did my best, and luckily, my shirt turned out. If you’re newer to fitting I wouldn’t recommend this pattern. If you’re a seasoned sewist and fitter and don’t need instructions than this is a good pattern for you.

Me Made: Rayon Challis Woven Tee
I used rayon challis for the first time. It’s a DREAM fabric. It’s soft and drapey but opaque. It breathes but it isn’t too cold. I got this from Hancock Fabrics right before they announced their bankruptcy. I chose it because most of the colors are my favorite so I thought it would match a lot of solids. This shirts has gray/taupe, a coral/red, pink, peach, light turquoise, white, and a purple so dark it almost looks navy. I wish it was navy because navy is my black, but hopefully it’ll work. 
Me Made: Rayon Challis Woven Tee

I didn’t realize when I was making it that it’s not great for nursing access. It is possible to pull up the hem to nurse, but it’s kind of a hassle and a little uncomfortable. So it probably won’t get worn a lot until I’m done or when I’m nursing less than I am now. 
I have worn it once already though. I wore it to a smart casual work dinner with all the attorneys, associates, and wives from my husband’s firm. I wore it with my gray blazer and the gray of the shirt matched perfectly with my blazer. 

Subscribe to my youtube channel to see all the videos of my makes. I’m thinking about going through some of my older makes that I wear a lot and doing videos of them. Would you be interested in that? 
Enjoy my kids beautiful chalk artwork on the fence behind me. The chalk colors match my woven tee quite well actually!

Me Made: Rayon Challis Woven Tee

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