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Sewing for the Girl: Little Girl's Autumn Outfit

I decided to sew a last minute outfit for "I'm an Autumn" over at Project Run and Play. My kids need some fall and winter clothing, and this was what I needed to kick me in gear. I did figure out everything they need for cold weather, but I haven't started on purchasing or buying anything yet. I usually need a cold day or a deadline like Project Run and Play to inspire. I made a little autumn inspired outfit for my daughter. The colors are perfectly "fall", and she'll be able to wear it all fall and winter.
I actually made this vest last winter, but it was still a little big for her and she didn't wear it very much. As I was making the pants and shirt, I realized how the vest would finish the outfit perfectly. And it does. Luckily, she's more interested in wearing it this year, so I'm hoping she'll get a lot more use out of it. And the yellow lining matches her pants perfectly.
The long sleeved tee is an upcycle from one of my old tee shirts. I drafted the pattern from one of her jackets. I reused the hem, the cuffs, and the neckband. I love the print and the waffle fabric. I wore it a lot but finally decided to retire it. Claire loves it and loves that it's pink. She's really into pink lately.
For the pants I used a mustard sweatshirt fleece and matching mustard interlock that I got from the bargain bin awhile ago. I made Claire a sweatshirt last year using this fabric. I love this color and can't wear it, but it works better for Claire's coloring. I used a pants pattern from the B-Trendy magazine that I'm going to review next week when I finish something for her brother. It's a great pair of pants, a great pattern, and Claire loves how soft they are inside.
I just love that we found these beautiful sunflowers to take pictures in front of. They look great with her pants. I love that these pieces work well together, but they are basic enough to coordinate with lots of different outfits.
She was reward with a candy for doing the photoshoot and I capture this fantastic facial expression. I love this little girl and her enormous personality.


  1. She is pretty adorable in her new outfit!

  2. that outfit looks so cozy; I especially love the fur vest :)

  3. What a doll! I can't believe how big she's getting! That picture of her with the camera is so precious. Love the outfit too.

  4. Claire is adorable! I love the candy in her mouth and the one where she is holding the camera! Such a cute outit!

  5. so cute. I totally love those pants!!!


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