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Me Made: Two Aurora Tees // A Knock-off and Using Fabric I Designed

These tees have been a loooong time coming. Like all summer. I made one back in May, then a muslin during the summer, and finally the last tee a couple of weeks ago. I have used the Aurora Tee pattern (affiliate link) and altered it to make a tee I saw on pinterest and fell in love with. I loved the gray knit fabric paired with the gingham. It looks comfortable but cute. I decided to copy it with fabric I had in my stash. This is my resulting tee using both knit and woven fabric.
Mine is slightly different from my inspiration, but it turned out pretty similar. I did knit for both the front and the back with the woven on the sides and shorter woven sleeves. The original had a gingham back and slightly different sleeves.
This next picture shows my muslin. I used a french terry tunic I wasn't wearing anymore and cut it to make a muslin. At first I thought I'd wear it like this but there's too many panels so I just don't love it. I did enjoy sewing up this pattern though. It was easy and quick, and I think the shaping for a dolman sleeve tee is really good. I really love the panels because they're so flattering. I want to try it again using only knit fabric. The alterations I made to the Aurora:
I took the sides in 2" on each side.
Instead of using the facing I added a neckband.
I cut the side panels on the fold instead of cutting four and I cut them on the bias from woven fabric.
I cut the sleeves from woven fabric, and then I cut them short and cuffed them.
I used the sleeve tab from the Cheyenne tunic (affiliate link) with a matching snap to connect it.
I used a periwinkle bamboo rayon spandex for the knit part of the tee. The color I got is out of stock, but here's a very similar color. It's leftover fabric from this tee dress. For the cuffs and panels I used some basic cotton woven fabric from Hancock's when they were liquidating everything. It's a subtle crosshatch look because the threads were dyed different colors before being woven together. I chose this fabric instead of gingham because it matched so perfectly with my periwinkle fabric.
Bamboo rayon spandex drapes beautifully which you can see all the movement in this short video.
This next sweatshirt I made back in May. I was trying out the Aurora Tee pattern (affiliate link) for the first time. The alterations I made to this tee were to add a neckband and sleeve cuffs and take in the sides 1".
I was also trying out this ocean party pink fabric I designed. It's printed on polyester french terry. This was the first and only polyester fabric of theirs that I have purchased. It hasn't pilled at all yet, but I haven't worn it that much since I finished it right before summer started. I matched it with some turquoise cotton lyrca jersey remnant I had. The colors are gray, turquoise, pink, and purple on white. You can get the same print in ocean party blue and ocean party black and white.
I don't think the polyester french terry is the best for this treatment. It doesn't drape nearly as well as the bamboo rayon spandex. It is definitely warm though so I will have to see if I wear it when it's cold.

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  1. These are great!!!!! Did you add any length?


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