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Me Made: Baseball Henley Dress

I've never been that keen on wearing dresses or skirts except for church and nicer events. Basically when I had to. Except for this summer. It has been a really hot summer and more often than not, I don't feel like wearing pants or shorts. I think all the energy I put into being a mom drains me of wanting to wear anything except the most most comfortable. Some days are better than others, but when I want to be comfortable I throw on a dress. It's a little hard at home when I'm sitting or kneeling on the floor to keep my dress down, but I'm usually just home with my kids.
Me Made: DIY Baseball Henley Dress
I used the free dress pattern the Alcoy Dress offered by Whisk 'Em. It's a dress that's really easy to make and easy to wear. I love the simple lines and simple shape of the dress.
I actually had to do a lot of lengthening. I added 1" between the neckline and the armpit, 1" at the waist, and 2" below the hips. I can't remember which size I made; I think it was size small. I went by my measurements, but it was pretty tight. It could've been the fabric I used (bamboo rayon spandex), but I didn't want a really fitted dress. So I cut the side seams off and added 4" panels to each side. I actually kind of like the look with the side panels. After taking these photos I took in a little bit at the waist to give a little more definition, but I didn't retake the pictures. #aintgotnotimefordat. I plan on making more of these dresses in a different fabric if I ever get the time.
Me Made: DIY Baseball Henley Dress
I added a button placket to the front and made a tutorial. You can find the half button placket tutorial over at DIY Maternity. It's perfect to make any dress a nursing-friendly dress.
Me Made: DIY Baseball Henley Dress
I used bamboo rayon spandex which is one of my new favorite fabrics to use. I made a light blue tee shirt first (hasn't been blogged) and used the remnant for the sleeves, the neckband, and the placket of this dress. I also made a basic white tee from the remnant of the white bamboo rayon spandex. This dress is really comfy, and I really enjoy wearing it. It's my colors, my style, and it feels like me. I do have to wear a slip (affiliate link, It has two different necklines, and I can pull it down to nurse!) though because the white is a unfortunately tad transparent.
Me Made: DIY Baseball Henley Dress
Free Dress Pattern: The Alcoy Dress
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  1. very pretty love the color

  2. Super cute! I have been wanting to sew up that pattern, it looks so comfy. But just finding the time...ugh. No time for any sewing this summer. Which is a complete bummer!


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