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MAKER Graphic Tee: Design Your Own Graphic Tee

I love the trend of sewing graphic tees that some designers have been selling lately. I struggle a little because the tees all come in standard sizes, and I am not a standard size and neither are most of the women who sew for themselves. I have a long torso and one sloping shoulder. I don't usually have issues with my shoulder except that sometimes shirts dig into my armpit, but more often than not I can't buy ready-to-wear clothing because it's too short. Well, I've been wanting a graphic tee with a "creative" message, so I decided to create my own. I've tried using fabric paint and a freezer paper stencil (it faded after just a couple of washes), and I didn't want to do vinyl.
For my first tee, I went with a simple theme of "MAKER". I created an image in Picmonkey with a bunch of rows of "MAKER". I used a basic serif font because that was the look I was going for. Then I uploaded it to My Fabric Designs and had it printed on one yard of their interlock blend fabric which you can also purchase here, DIY MAKER Graphic tee fabric.
  • The interlock blend fabric is wide enough to fit up to a size LARGE fitted tee with sleeves
  • The interlock blend fabric is wide enough to fit up to a size XL fitted tank top.
  • The modern jersey fabric is wider by 10" so you could probably go up to a 2XL or 3XL fitted tee, but you might not have the length for sleeves.
When I got the fabric I washed it and dried it. Then I laid it out and used the Union St. Tee pattern (affiliate link) to cut out a tee shirt. I made sure the center front lined up with the center of the words. I chose to have my words stop above the hem and have the neckline cut into the words. You can also have the words go into the hem and cut less from the top. It's all about a personal preference.
If you're not interested in a "MAKER" tee but want a different design, here are six other designs you could choose from:

  1. DIY love (serif) graphic tee fabric 
  2. DIY love (cursive) graphic tee fabric 
  3. DIY happy (serif) graphic tee fabric 
  4. DIY happy (cursive) graphic tee fabric 
  5. DIY seamstress graphic tee fabric 
  6. DIY Mama Bear graphic tee fabric 

(I do get paid a 15% commission if you buy any of my fabric designs.)

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