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Gathered Sleeves and Hem Tshirt Romper Tutorial

If you've downloaded the new and improved tshirt romper pattern, you may have noticed that I've added something new. I added some new cutting lines so you can have a gathered sleeve and a gathered hem like bloomer! I love this version; it's so girly and cute. It's perfect for baby girls!
A women's or men's crew neck tshirt
FREE PATTERN: Baby Tshirt Romper Pattern size 6-9 mos
Sewing supplies*
Ballpoint sewing machine needle*
1 yd 1/4" elastic*
buttons or snaps - I like these KAM Snaps*
1. Use the wider cutting lines marked "gather" to cut out a wider front and back and wider sleeves.
2. Construct the shoulders as directed in the tshirt romper tutorial.
3. Before attaching the sleeves sew a straight line in the hem 3/8" away from the hem stitch line.
4. Cut two pieces of elastic 6" long. 
5. Insert one elastic in between the hem stitch line and the added straight stitch. Tack at each end.
6. Sew sleeves onto the romper and sew the sides of the romper. Sew through the elastic in the seam allowance.
7. Before attaching the facing, sew the hem by folding the hem up 1/2" and sew with a straight stitch or zigzag stitch.
8. Cut two pieces of elastic 10" long.
9. Insert elastic into the hem casing and tack at both ends.
10. Sew the front facing onto the front inseam. Sew through the elastic to make sure it's nice and secure.
11. Sew on the gusset to the back of the romper.
12. Create the back facing using the two facings and attach to the back inseam. Sew through the elastic ends.
13. Attach the snaps to the front and back at the inseam.
Here's a list of all the variations!

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