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12 DIY Elephant Projects

I have a special love for animals and have since I was a little girl. Now that I have kids of my own I love incorporating animals in little ways for them like in their clothes or around the house. Here's a really fun list of DIY elephant projects to brighten your day and inspire you or your children. (Please click through to the website before pinning!)
1. Felt Elephant Purse Tutorial
2. DIY Elephant Succulent Planter
3. Elephant Rug Crochet Pattern
4. FREE Elephant Bib pattern
5. DIY Elephant Key Holder
6. Elephant Booties FREE Crochet Pattern
7. DIY Elephant Ring Holder
8. DIY Elephant Head Papercraft
9. Elephant Nail Art Tutorial
10. DIY Elephant Sweater
11. Elephant Purse Crochet Kit and Pattern
12. DIY Elephant Bow

I'm so inspired by elephants that I created a simple and colorful collection of geometric elephant fabric. Click through to purchase

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  1. Hehe. My sister picks an animal for each of the "grandkids" when they are born. And then she finds them everything with their animal on it. PJ's, stuffed animals, just little things. It cracks me up. So my son is the elephant kid. Thanks for sharing. If he was still a baby, he would have those bibs, so cute!


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