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I made some more “boring” basic tees that I wear almost weekly. I know it’s not super interesting or fun to see, but this is what I wear so this is what I sew. The one special thing about these tees is that I used a newer to me fabric: bamboo rayon spandex. It’s an amazing fabric, and I’ve enjoyed working with it. It’s so great to wear in the summer because it’s so breathable. It’s easy to work with like cotton spandex jersey, but it’s drapey like rayon spandex jersey. It’s a little more slippery than those fabrics, but not enough to make me dislike working with it. I’m just careful with how I use it. 
Me Made: DIY Basic Tees

I made a slouchy tee using a navy striped fabric. I used the Union St. Tee (affiliate link) and sized up two sizes to get a purposeful slouchy look. I did the round neck so I wouldn’t have to worry about flashing anyone. I shortened the sleeves slightly, lengthened the body by one inch, added some length to the back, and added a slit to the hem (which I forgot to take pictures of). I also did a sloping shoulder adjustment on my right shoulder. I love wearing it with skinny jeans and pencil skirts. It’s really comfortable but chic.

Me Made: DIY Basic Tees

I also made a basic fitted white tee using the Union St. Tee (affiliate link). I struggled with getting a good picture of the white, so I’m sorry for the over-exposure. I made a size small, shortened the sleeves slightly, added length to the body, raised the v by about 1/2″, and did a sloping shoulder adjustment on my right shoulder. This is the perfect basic white tee, and the bamboo makes it look like it’s a step up from a basic tee because the fabric has a nice sheen to it. It kind of looks like I need a full bust adjustment, but it’s because I’m nursing. It’ll lay a little nice when I’m done.

Me Made: DIY Basic Tees
I’m wearing some thrifted jeans, but here are some similar Yellow Skinny Jeans Yellow (affiliate link).
What are your basics? What do you wear almost constantly?

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