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Help Your Child Design a Repeating Pattern

My son is very interested whenever I color along side him and make repeating patterns. He loves to do what I do so I taught him how to make a repeating pattern.
1. Have your child draw and color a picture on paper. Tell them to not have their picture touch any sides and to keep the picture in the center. (My son is not great at following that rule and can only understand a enclosed space.) Older children will be able to understand the concept of a repeating pattern and will have an easier time creating.
2. On the back of the picture draw two lines cutting the picture in half lengthwise and widthwise. (Your children will be very interested and will want to watch and touch everything you do.)
3. Cut along one line. Move the papers so that the outsides come together and tape.
4. Cut along the other line. Move the papers so that the outsides come together and tape. Essentially you are cutting and rotating the image so that the original corners are in the middle and the center of the original picture make up the new corners.
5. Once you have cut it and taped it, have your child draw another picture in the middle. Again, tell them to not let their drawing touch the new edges of the paper.
This is Henry's picture of Batman, a lion, two lightbulbs and a sun. He then added an elephant in the middle of the picture.
You can scan the image and upload it to any number of custom fabric or paper design websites. Order a small swatch and see the delight on your child's face when they see their own designs on fabric. Make them feel like an artist and that their designs are important. I want my children growing up feeling like they can create and that creating is important. And that mistakes will only help you learn and become better.

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