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TUTORIAL: Cuffed Shorts

I love wearing shorts in the summertime. I anticipate when it'll be warm enough to wear shorts. So in preparation for the upcoming heat I cut some pants into shorts. And I figured out a really easy, almost no-sew tutorial to share with you!
Marking tool
Sewing supplies*

1. Put the pants on.
2. Mark the length you want them to be.
3. Stand up straight to see if that's exactly where you want them to be.
4. Take the pants off. Mark straight across where you marked the length.
5. Mark two inches lower than the line.
6. Cut along that line.
7. Use the part you cut off and lay it on the other pant leg to cut the same length off.
8. Fold the hem up 1" towards the outside. Do this all the way around the hem.
9. Fold it up again 1" and pin. Do this all the way around the hem.
10. With your sewing machine tack at each seam. I sew up and down the whole inch and it blends right it. I also tack at the center front and center back of each leg to ensure the cuff doesn't roll down.
11. Press well.
That's it! It's an easy and quick way to add shorts to your wardrobe with hardly any sewing. Now I just need the weather to warm up!

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