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Me Made May Week 3

My thoughts on Me Made May so far are:
  • I dislike selfies and feel weird posting one everyday.
  • When it's hot I wear a tee and shorts. Nothing very interesting, but I'm thinking of starting to wear skirts or dresses to break it up. Skirts and dresses aren't always great for kneeling on the floor or sitting in the grass with my kids.
  • I basically wear the same colors: navy, denim, turquoise, mint, white, and a couple of others.
  • It's been easier to get rid of clothes I don't want to wear because I realize that I don't want to wear it. Before I would just push it aside and think I'd wear it another day.
  • I thought I'd be bothered about wearing items again, but I'm actually not. When I started repeating items, I was okay because those are the items that I love and I like wearing them often.
  • I have tried and true patterns, but only three. Just kidding, there's a couple more than three, but I feel like I really don't use a lot of patterns. As long as I happy with the results and wear them, right?
Day 15
Dress Nursing-friendly maxi-length Out and About Dress (with pockets!)
Day 16
Cardigan: Long gray cardigan with pockets using the Grandpa Cardi pattern (affiliate link)
Shirt: pink floral vneck using the Union St Tee pattern (affilliate link)
Pants: altered bootcut jeans
Day 17
Cardigan: Long blue cardigan with pockets using the Grandpa Cardi pattern (affiliate link)
Shirt: happy rain vneck tee (not yet blogged) using the Union St Tee pattern (affilliate link)
Pants: RTW skinny jeans
Day 18
Shirt: striped tee using the Union St Tee pattern (affilliate link)
Pants: Chambray joggers
Day 19
Shirt: A floral lawn tunic using the Cheyenne tunic (affiliate link)
Leggings: Black RTW leggings*

Day 20
Shirt: flamingo vneck tee using the Union St Tee pattern (affilliate link)
Shorts: Cuffed shorts (tutorial)
Day 21
Sweater: thrifted RTW sweater in mint
Shirt: chambray button up shirt using a Burdastyle pattern, the Long Sleeve Blouse
Pants: altered bootcut jeans

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  1. I'm just not a skirt girl, except for church. Really not a dress person either. So this would totally be hard for me. But I do love that it focuses you on patterns you like and what you will wear. Might be worth doing....if I had more me made stuff. :)
    Thanks for sharing how this is working for you. I appreciate the insights, as it give me something to think about.


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