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KCW Wrap-Up

I finished a whole bunch of girl's clothes last week and yesterday. Some were just alterations or mends that I didn't even take pictures of. I have a couple more things on my list that I'm going to hopefully work on this week that are for my other children. Like, church pants, baby dribble bibs, swim covers, and swimsuits. But I feel awesome for how much I was able to accomplish. Sometimes trying to finish a giant list is invigorating for me, but I can only do it so often. And my house basically falls apart when I do.
First, I made three tee shirts using the Billy Bright Eyes Snappy Tee Shirt pattern. They are all 12 mos width and 18 mos height. The floral was one of my shirts that I was done with. I reused the hems and added a peach neckband and peach pocket. That peach makes me so happy! The brown one with white flourishes was also one of my shirts. The aqua one is a mix. The front is from an adult tee. The back, sleeves, and pocket are remnants.
I made two more leggings using a navy tee and silver leggings. I used the free classic legging pattern. Nothing super interesting about these. Leggings get worn lots at our house and get worn out quickly.
I FOUND MY FAVORITE GIRLS' DRESS PATTERNS. There are billions of dress patterns out there. I've been looking for a dress pattern to buy that will get my daughters through the next couple of years. I wanted a classic look with unique, feminine details and easy construction. Luckily, I found what I was looking for. I bought the Mori Dress & Top pattern and the Bohemian Babydoll Dress & Top pattern. My favorite thing about both of these patterns are NO CLOSURES. What holds me back from making dresses with woven fabric is using zippers, buttons, snaps, etc. I love these patterns. This first one is the Mori dress. I used a pink linen for the bodice and a quilting fabric for the sleeves and skirt.
This second one is the Bohemian Babydoll dress. I used a women's skirt for this dress, so I was able to reuse the hem. I barely fit this dress in the available fabric and had to shorten the skirt slightly. Unfortunately, that means my daughter will grow out of it pretty quickly. I'll need to make another one soon! I used a pretty scalloped lace for the gathered sleeves.


  1. My kids would flip for those silver leggings!!! Well done for sewing along with KCW - always such challenge!

  2. My house falls apart when I sew a lot too (like now). The tees are so cute with the snap on the sides, and the dresses are lovely.

  3. wow you are a sewing super mum :) Gorgeous and practical little outfits :)


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