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KCW Day 3: More Girl's Clothes

Of my three kids, my middle child needed the most clothes this Kids Clothes Week. (She goes through multiple clothes a day!) My other two kids just need a few items, so I'm holding off on theirs until the most important items are finished first. I'm not sure if I'm going to get to my other kids this week; I might have to do another week to finish my list. I love being able to crank out a whole ton and one time and work through my to-upcycle pile.
First, I have another Mini Briar. I used a women's swing tee for the body and the sleeves and used a remnant (from this swing tee) for the pocket and neckband. 
The original tee was off-grain in the back so I tried to fix it and reuse the hem which made the back hem a little wonky. I'm bothered but not bothered enough to fix the hem. It has a really nice drape so I might be the only one who ever notices it. (And all of you now!)
 I love the tee and wish I had one in my size!
And one more Mini Briar. It's the last one, I promise!
I also upcycled an adult swing tee for this shirt. I reused the hems, the pocket, and the neckband. The colors are great and stripes are always a win. It's basic enough that I'm hoping it can work well in her wardrobe.
This one doesn't drape quite as well, but it's still a comfy, loose tee that'll be perfect for summer.
She was looking at a wasp in the steps. She didn't want to get stung, but she was fascinated watching it!
Lastly, I made some little shorts. I chopped up some leggings that I don't wear anymore with this free legging pattern, and I cut it into shorts. It's actually a swimsuit fabric so these might because swim shorts for her. I already know that she'll need multiple swimsuits to keep up with her active self.
I added some elastic to the front for a cool detail. I just cut some 1/4" elastic shorter than the length of the front of the shorts and then stretched it while I sewed it to the shorts. Then I hemmed the shorts and added the waist elastic. I went the easy route and did everything with a zigzag stitch.
They are slightly big and longer than I wanted, but that means they will fit all summer!

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  1. love those shirts. ahah I also get a lot of "not bothered enough" moments when it comes to my kids clothes. They will grow out of most of them so quickly anyway...


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