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GIFT IDEA: Babysitting Voucher Free Printable

Hello! I am Sarah, Heather's sister. I blog at Ensign Insights and sell hand lettered prints. I'm sharing one of my creations as a free printable for those of you looking for a cute gift idea!
Every mom needs a break sometimes. Babysitting Vouchers give her the ability to take a break when she needs it the most!
For anyone who knows Heather's husband, you know that he is really good at giving gifts. Well, he sometimes asks me to help. (I know that he would be fine without me, but I think he knows that I like to be involved). For Mother's Day, he had the idea of giving Heather a babysitting voucher. He pre-arranged it with a girl in the neighborhood so Heather would be able to call her anytime to babysit. He couldn't find a printable that he liked so he commissioned me to use my new-found skill to create one.
Here is a PDF file for a "guilt free" download! You may print on regular paper or cardstock for extra protection from those little fingers.

 I do the lettering by hand and then digitize it to clean it up and add color. The photo above shows the original next to the final. You can see that there are a lot of spots that needed to be cleaned up. And of course everything is better with color. 
Enjoy this free printable and look for more coming in the future!


  1. Oh my heck, how cute! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. And you have one lucky sister!

  2. Best. Gift. Ever. Genius husband!

  3. So cute, so useful, so perfect !
    Thank you so much for sharing this :D


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