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Me Made: Interlock Joggers

I made these pants a couple of weeks before Maggie was born so that I had a soft, comfortable pair of pants to look forward to wearing. I used one of my favorite patterns, the True Bias Hudson Pants. This is my EIGHTH pair! I have made seven Hudson pants so far, floral, gray, tuxedo, dotted (and three that I never photographed and wear as pajamas). I really want to try making a woven pair next.
I know you would love to see me model these, but with three kids I don't see any modeling in the forseeable future. Not because I care what I look like right now, but because the last thing I want to do during "me-time" is model some pants.
Me Made: Interlock Joggers // Hudson Pants
I used some really soft sky blue interlock fabric from Joann's that I got during their Black Friday sale. I love how soft it is, but it's thinner than any of the other Hudson pants I've made. I don't know if I'll be wearing them outside very much. But they were great for immediate postpartum when I'm not going outside anyway.
I used a gray ribbing that I had in my stash for the cuffs, waistband, and pocket. I really like the way it pairs with the blue.
Me Made: Interlock Joggers // Hudson Pants
I only had one yard of the interlock fabric so I barley fit in these pants. I even had to add some to the back of the legs. You can see here the seam on the back of the leg where I added some fabric for length. It's not too noticable, and I really needed the extra length.
Me Made: Interlock Joggers // Hudson Pants

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  1. Those look so comfy! And isn't it hard to try to squeeze something out of a yard? I always think, oh I bought enough. And then I always wish I had an extra half a yard at least. :)


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