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Me Made: Henley Maternity Tee

I have two more maternity makes to share even though I'm not pregnant anymore. I've just been a little slow behind the scenes lately. 
This first one is a basic long sleeve maternity tee with a partial button placket. I used the Cara Maternity tshirt sewing pattern and added the placket for a nursing-friendly shirt. (I actually wore it today, a week and a half post-partum, and it worked great for nursing.) I also added length to the body and the sleeves.
I didn't like any of the knit partial button placket tutorials I found online, so I decided to make my own. I found this way of construction in an old 90's sewing book and have used it a couple times on kidswear. I think it looks the best from the outside. Go check out the Henley Tee Tutorial to see it!
I loved wearing this maternity tee while I was pregnant. I wore it often, almost weekly. I used a pretty lavendar cotton spandex jersey fabric. I just love cotton spandex fabric. It's soft, comfortable, and returns to shape so well. I usually use a medium weight and rarely have problems with tunneling. (I got this fabric from a friend who sells me his leftover fabric from his warehouse.)

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