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I made all three of the kids Easter outfits for this year! I did it in February before baby #3 came so that it would actually get done. It’s always a good time for me to check on the state of the kids’ dress wardrobes and make things that can last at least six months. (My kids only wear their dress clothes on Sundays and the occasional wedding, so their clothes don’t get destroyed too quickly.) I loosely coordinated Henry’s outfit to the girls’ almost matching dresses.

If you’re interested in all the free patterns I used and the fabrics, read about children’s Easter outfits using free patterns over at The Stitch.

DIY Children's Easter Outfits

Maggie isn’t big enough to wear her dress yet; I made her a 0-3 mos size dress. She’ll be four weeks old so 
I hope it’ll be the perfect fit!

DIY Children's Easter Outfits


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