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Sewing for the Boy: Dress Tree Climber Trousers Pattern

My son has grown out of all his dress pants. His legs and arms have grown like weeds. I don't have a lot of time at the moment and I don't love sewing dress pants, but it was getting embarrassing. I decided to cut up so dress pants from my upcycle pile that one of my family members gave to me. It was a basic stretch woven dress pant with pinstripes. It's a nice dark color: a mix between a gray and a brown. I used the Tree Climber Trousers Pattern in a size 2 with a size 5 length. This is a great basic pattern that's easy to dress up. I've used it several times. I really like the knee patches for extra strength. I don't want Henry to blow through his knees anytime soon.
I kept the pattern pretty much the same except I switched the front pockets from patch pockets to curved pockets. I also did not add a faux fly. I added elastic to the waistband, but kept most of the "gathering" in the back. 
It was really fun to mix up the direction of the stripes. I did diagonal stripes on the knee patches, diagonal back pockets, and crosswise back pocket flaps. 


  1. These look so good! I need to buckle down and do this for my boys, their church pants never fit. I have a tall skinny boy and a short chubby baby. They wear the same size in the waist, but their pants are always either too short or too long!


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