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I made another maternity tee for myself! I’m sure you’re pretty bored of my maternity makes by now since that’s all I’ve been posting lately. I’m on a roll for making myself maternity clothing this time. I’m much happier with my maternity wardrobe than I was with my last two. Part of it is because I only want to make what I’ll wear and love, and part of it is because I’ve been posting for Megan Nielsen at DIY Maternity. It’s been really fun to focus on myself and make some good tutorials. This most recent maternity mint tee is a really basic one with a v-neck alteration. I shared a tutorial on how to turn any scoop neck tee into a vneck tee! You can use this tutorial on any scoop neck tee pattern.

Me Made: V-Neck Cara Maternity Tee


Author: Heather