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Me Made: Blair Maternity Tee with Sequin Detailed Sleeves

I recently tested a new maternity pattern for See Kate Sew: the Blair essential maternity tee. It was fun to test a pattern with a bunch of other pregnant women and see a bunch of different pregnancy stages. It's a great basic tee. I used a mint cotton spandex fabric that I've used a lot because I love the color so much. I bought a lot, and then went back and bought some more! I will keep using every scrap as long as I can. I also added some sequin fabric to the sleeves for fun. You can see the DIY sequin sleeve tutorial for it here. I love the sequins and the little glamour it adds. It makes me feel dressed up even on a regular day and gives me something to look forward to.
The alterations I made to the Blair Maternity Tee was to lengthen the sleeves by two inches; I like really long sleeves. I also cut a couple of inches off the bottom and added a knit band. My bump doesn't grow out like other women so maternity clothing fits me differently. (Like I always struggle to keep full panel pants up; I always have to add elastic to the top to make them stay up.) For this tee my bump didn't push out the shirt enough making it hang weirdly under my belly. That's why I chopped it and added the band. The band sucks in the hem making it more flattering. Nobody else in the testing group had this problem though so it's not a problem with the pattern; it's just how my body is shaped and that's okay. I loved all the options with this pattern and that mine is almost more of a sweatshirt than a tee. It gives me something different to wear than just another maternity tee.


  1. Cute photos :)
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    Maria V.

  2. It looks great. Though I don't like sequins, I recognise they add something here. I used to have the same problem with the full panel staying up. People often mentioned how weird my belly was.


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