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Sewing Goals for 2016

Sewing Goals for 2015

  • Really focus in on my style and make things that I will wear. I have made a lot of things, and I have made a lot of mistakes in the process. I have also made a lot of things that were great except they never got worn even though they were great items. They just didn't fit perfectly or they didn't feel like "me." This also goes with my whole wardrobe. I'd like to pare down what I have and only have items that I love. I have started focusing on this and got rid of lots of items. I can do better, but it feels great not having extra unwanted items in my closet. Do you have any tips for this? *I felt like I wasn't super successful at this, but I started being a lot more thoughtful in my whole process which has helped a lot. I think it'll be a lot easier to make things I'll love this year. Wardrobe Architect helped a lot and getting rid of unworn, handmade items.
  • I also want to do this for my kids by only making items that we both love. So far both of my kids don't care about what they wear, but there are items I make for them that I don't absolutely love. I'm going to work on this while I work on my own wardrobe. *I'm still working on this, but I make them a lot less clothing than I used to since they're growing through sizes slower. I was mostly figuring out this process for myself, and I'll let it slowly work it's way into making things for the kids.
  • I'm going to keep sewing because I love it, but I wont to do a little bit with my other hobbies like crocheting and reading. Or even just cooking and baking more. *This hardly happened at all. I did get better at meal planning and easy, healthy meals that are delicious. I don't feel as much pressure to make new, impressive dinners all the time.
  • Since I'm focusing on making better clothes that I love, I want to photograph the items better. This one is hard with kids so I don't expect a lot of myself. *I did better at capturing the kids, but not much better at capturing myself. This is still a work in progress.
  • I want to focus on being present in the present and having less distractions or media in my life and my kids' lives. When I'm doing well at this I feel like I'm a better mother. *I'm getting better at this, but I think it's something I'll have to work on my whole life.

Sewing Goals for 2016

I think my only goal for this year in relation to sewing is to enjoy the process and only make things I love. I want to slow down and make high quality items that will get a lot of wear. I'm going to be really slow since we'll be adding another baby to the family, so I also want to enjoy lots of family time without the stress or pressure of deadlines. Also, we'll probably be buying a house this year so once that happens, I might be working on lots of home improvement projects.

What goals, sewing or otherwise, do you have for the coming year?

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  1. My goals for the new year aren't that different. I too want to sew more items I love, less stress and deadlines, and we plan to continue with the house building, which we left in stand by ever since I had G. and stayed home. Have a wonderful 2016, and good luck with your plans.


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