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Sewing Favorites and Sewing Misses of 2015

Since I'm really working towards loving everything I make and only making what I'll wear, I thought it would be helpful to look back on the things I made this year. I made a list of my favorites from this year and a list of misses (items I thought would be great or were great before it just hung in my closet).  I realized a lot of my issues come from fabric and pattern pairing. I choose the wrong fabric for the pattern and it doesn't look or feel like it's supposed to. This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I will get paid.

I just recently took the Craftsy class Fabric Know-How: Choosing and Using Your Favorite Fabrics and it was awesome. It is an expense, but I highly recommend it. It teaches you about different fabrics and edge finishes and hems. I took a textile class in college and have sewn a lot since, so I thought I had enough experience. Some things I already knew, but I learned LOTS of new things that will help me with future projects. I'm really excited to use what I learn and go back multiple times to keep learning. There's so much information in that one class that it'll take me awhile to learn and remember everything.

Well, here are my handmade favorites and my handmade misses in no particular order.
Sewing Favorites

1. Chambray button up: I love this shirt. I love the long length, the soft fabric, the loose fit, the color, the dots, everything. I wore it until just recently because it doesn't button around my tummy. I decided to pack it away instead of wearing it through the end of my pregnancy so it won't get stretched out and I have something to look forward to wearing. There are definitely more chambray shirts in my future and more of this pattern.
2. Pencil Skirts: I made two woven pleated pencil skirts last year and wore them until I couldn't zip up the zipper. I loved these skirts, I have three total, and this pattern. I altered the pattern so it's perfect every time I use it. I can't wait to make some more this year!
3. Lace Dress: This isn't one of my favorite patterns, but I did love this dress. I wore it a lot and the fabric was perfect. I love the feminine lace and the subtle turquoise color. It's super comfortable, but I felt dressed up wearing it. The pockets are great too.
4. Union St. Tees (affiliate link) - first three teestwo more tees, and the last tee: This is a great pattern. I had been making it one size up and loved the loose fit which I wore through my first trimester. This is one of my tried and true patterns. I have never had a problem with what fabric I use. I never had a problem with the neckband fitting and looking nice. The only one I didn't wear was the brown tee I made. There was nothing wrong with the shirt, just that I don't wear brown anymore.
5. Joggers: I have made a bunch of joggers, but these were my favorite. I made them out of a great interlock fabric. Interlock doesn't have a lot of recovery, but I never had a problem with these pants stretching out through the day. I wore them lots when I first made them, and now I wear them weekly at the end of my pregnancy. They are comfortable, a great color, and they work with my changing sizes.
6. Fur Vest: This was a recent make, but I've already worn it almost every week since making it. I love wearing it with all my maternity clothing to switch things up. This just shows you that you don't need a fancy pattern or fancy details and topstitching to make something you love.
It looks like I'll have to edit my favorite patterns list after picking my favorites.
Sewing Maternity Favorites
1. Velvet Matnerity Pencil Skirt: I think pencil skirts are my jam because this pencil skirt is another one of my favorite makes from last year. I made it near the end of the year, but I wear it often. It's warm, comfortable, and flattering. It's also unique so I love standing out when I wear it.
Sewing Misses
1. Buffalo Plaid Shirt: I love the print of this shirt, but the fabric weight wasn't right for a short sleeved shirt. It need to be a lighter weight for summer or long sleeved for winter. I refashioned it from a X-large shirt, so I didn't have much choice in sleeve length. I also didn't alter it right because it was loose but I didn't have enough cap in my sleeve for movement. I just recently cut it up into a dress for Claire, and I like it a lot more.
2. Pompom Hi-Lo Top: I love the color and fabric of this pattern but the pompom edging was too stiff for the edges. I also used an interfacing in the placket that was too stiff for the blue fabric. There was just too many mismatches, so now it's in the refashion pile. Hopefully, I can put that soft blue fabric to good use for something else.
3. Tulle Skirt: There was actually nothing wrong with the fabric or the size of this skirt. There wasn't anything I didn't like. I just never wear it. I don't feel like it's quite my style even though I wish it was. I just never felt comfortable when I wore it, so it hung in the back of my closet. I'm planning on making a bunch of tutus or something.
4. Cardigans: I made two cardigans this fall. This first blue one is perfect except that I didn't cut the interfacing for the buttons and buttonholes high enough so it's stretched out right at the top buttonhole. Also, it bothers me that white serging shows when I wear it open. I like the look of a serged edge, but not when it stands out. I don't see myself buying serging thread to match in the future, so I might have to zigzag the edges to give it a clean look. I still have tons more of this blue fabric and I want to make another long cardigan. I will without making the same mistakes.
This striped cardigan is perfect except that the fabric is a tad itchy. I didn't realize that when I was making it. I wear it with long sleeves underneath with no problem, but I can't wear it with short sleeves. I wish I knew that beforehand so I could have lined it or something.
5. Sweatshirts and sweatshirts: At the beginning of last year I made a whole bunch of raglan sleeve sweatshirts to wear around the house. I think the pattern size I used was a little too big and my fabric choices weren't great. The floral one on the left was my favorite, but it was 100% polyester so it started pilling almost immediately. It looked worn and old so fast. I will never be using 100% polyester fabric again. The gray one on the right was actually good and I still wear it sometimes. I've been able to wear it through this pregnancy. The sleeves are a titch long, but I'll probably never fix them.
The floral one on the left was great except that I don't love the colors. Green isn't my color. It was fleece so it was really warm, but it never got worn. It's in the refashion pile for Claire. (Claire looks so tiny in these pictures!) The pink one was actually a great one and I still wear it all the time. It has fit me through this pregnancy. It's barely starting to look worn because I wear it so much. I probably won't keep it after this winter, but it lasted me through a whole year of lots of wear.
Besides running into problems with fabric and pattern pairing, I struggle when I make something for a blog tour. Something about a blog tour makes me feel pressured, and I don't always love the end result. It's not the fault of the patterns, I guess I just don't do well with deadlines. The piece is usually made well, there's just something about the fabric or color that makes it, so I don't wear them. I think I can work on that to be more successful in what I make.


  1. I looove that chambray shirt! The sweatshirts are great, but I hear you on the polyester...so disappointing when something you could potentially love starts pilling so fast. I also agree with you about blog tour sewing - so much of the sewing I've done that I don't love has been for blog tours. It must just be the pressure. My one exception (for myself anyway) was a Delilah top (Golden Rippy) I made from (of all things) a thrifted jersey knit sheet! I wear it weekly, and it's really nothing special! Just one of those "comfy" things in the closet.

  2. I like all you makes and your "misses" look great to me! The chambray shirt is awesome!

  3. You made some fabulous pieces this year! The maternity skirt is just stunning! I wish I had had something that stylish to wear when I was pregnant. I love the chambray top and the colorful sweatshirts.

  4. Ok, so it sounds like I need to get on Craftsy and look into that class. I think that I have a big problem picking fabric that falls into what is called for with a pattern. Cause far too often I just don't wear something I spent a while sewing. Which is quite a bummer.
    I think it is interesting to hear the reasons why something is a hit or a miss. I love your two cardigans, the colors are great. But that style just isn't me. And the green sweatshirt, while I am right there with you that it looks cute, it just wouldn't be something I would reach for on a regular basis. It is something to think about BEFORE you pick out fabric and sew. :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Chambray shirts are on my list this year, and I love the polka dot fabric you found. Great list--I can totally relate to sewing things to wear around the house and then not really wearing them because of fabric choice/the pattern.

  6. The maternity pencil skirt is my favorite, so unique and stunning! I have sworn off poly blends too- it is not worth my time to sew when it looks bad so fast.


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