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Me Made: Easiest Maternity Tunic

I love tunics, and I've been looking for a good maternity tunic to wear this pregnancy. I wasn't into the idea of making my own since it would take so much fabric, and I couldn't find one worth purchasing. 
One day while browsing a nearby thrift store I came across this cute mint dress. It was a beautiful color and a great style for maternity even though it not intended for maternity. I purchased it hoping to wear it as a dress. Once I brought it home, I realized there was a stain on the front hem that I could not remove. Then I realized I could easily turn it into the perfect tunic!
I cut the stain off of the front but wanted to keep as much length in the back as possible, so I cut a hi-lo hem and hemmed it with a twin needle. I love it and have worn it almost every week since making it. The best part about it was that it took less than half an hour.
My only wish was that it had long sleeves to keep me warm in the winter. Luckily, I like pairing it with long cardigans and scarves to keep me warm. It's so comfortable to wear especially with stretchy leggings (one of the only things I wear anymore!).


  1. Very cute and flattering -what a great save!

  2. You look fantastic. And I personally love the idea of thrift shopping and making it into something that works even better for you! That cardigan looks amazingly soft and snuggly, perfect for winter!

  3. Very nice save. Love tunics during pregnancy too!

  4. Darling! You make pregnancy look good and that shirt really is perfect.


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