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Cheap and Easy Activity Table for the Playroom

We've never had an activity table for our kids, and I always thought they were a little unnessecary. Then I noticed my son always wanted to set up his guys on something or build on something. This meant that he was taking up our kitchen table or our side table or even my sewing desk. I realized he wanted his own little table to use. I started looking online or at our thrift store and wasn't happy with anything I could find. There are tons of DIY activity tables, but they still cost over $50 or involve some special building that I don't have the time or energy for at the moment. I knew I could find a coffee table to work, but then I would most likely have to sand it and paint it. I don't have a garage and it's freezing outside right now so that wasn't really an option either. And I'd have to check often until the right table came along.
Well, I didn't need anything with storage, and I didn't care about having a lip on the edge. I just needed a small table with a good amount of tabletop room. I was able to put together two LACK side tables from IKEA to make an awesome activity table. (Two LACK side tables are cheaper than one LACK coffee table!)
$20 Cheap and Easy Activity Table for the Playroom
We do keep two storage bins underneath the activity table, so it does have a little storage. It switches around though depending on what the kids are playing.
The unorganized toy mess is normal for us, especially after a week of co-op preschool. I didn't put much effort into making it look nice for pictures, because it's going to get dirty again quickly. And it's not really decorated because we're renting and planning on moving soon. This is real life!
$20 Cheap and Easy Activity Table for the Playroom
2 IKEA LACK tables (basic black about $8, other colors are a little more expensive)
Package of wood joins (about $2.50)

1. Assemble each LACK table.
2. Push together and install at least three wood joins (add more for better stability) to keep the tabletops together.
30 minutes later and you're done!
$20 Cheap and Easy Activity Table for the Playroom
After half and hour and less than $20, I have a new activity table for my kids! They love building legos and blocks on it, having superhero fights on it, climbing on it, and putting a blanket over it for a fort. I didn't realize how versatile it would be because it is so basic! 
$20 Cheap and Easy Activity Table for the Playroom


  1. This is actually so perfect. You don't need any chairs for it. And if you ever wanted to, you can just separate them and let each kid have their own. And of course the price is so good. Especially if the kids make a mess of them, no stress. What a clever solution.

  2. The table is great!! I'll be using your idea soon. Can you tell me the brand or where you got the play kitchen? It's just what I'm looking for! Want one for my granddaughter!

  3. Oh you people with an IKEA nearby!!! Every brilliant hack includes IKEA. Ha. We actually use our old coffee table for the same thing. Except now baby can grab everything off of it. So we'll be making a regular table height one soon.


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