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Sewing for Kids: Christmas Pajamas

Yay, for Christmas time and Christmas pajamas. I get so excited for Christmas themed matching pajamas for my kids. Last year my SIL gave me an evergreen tree printed long sleeve tee which I saved for this year's pajamas. I used as much of the fabric that I could; there was only scraps left. The green fabric is a cotton spandex that's stretchy and really soft.
I used the Bimaa sweater pattern for the tops mostly because it was printed out and sitting on my sewing desk. I raised the neckline a little on both so it's a little more unisex and like a regular tee. I should've just used a different pattern, but sometimes easier is better. I made Henry a size 4 and Claire a size 12 mos. I used the green jersey for the torso and the tree fabric for the sleeves. 
For the pants I used Fancy Pants leggings, so I could put some tree fabric on the bum panel. Henry has tree fabric for his cuffs and bum panel and green jersey legs. I made him a size 2T width and extra long. Claire has tree fabric on one leg, one cuff, and the bum panel. The other leg is green jersey. I made her a size 12 mos, but I should have lengthened them because they are just long enough.
The kids tried the pajamas on for the pictures, but they'll officially wear them on Christmas Eve. I guess it's not much of a surprise for blogger kids. They seemed to like them though and they feel very comfortable.


  1. So cute. And what a fun print. PJs are such a fun Christmas gift. I do love that you made them more unisex. I have been looking for coats that are blue or black for my girls so I can just pass them down to my son.

  2. Oh they are so cute in their new jammies :)

  3. I love how these turned out! Seriously so cute. You inspire me.

  4. I love these! And your children are just so cute!


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