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Sewing for the Girl: Mini Briar and Mini Tania

I recently did some pattern testing for Megan Nielsen; I just jumped at the chance to test for her since her patterns are amazing and so professional. (I have almost all of her maternity patterns.) She just came out with a bunch of mini adult patterns for kids, and they are amazing! I tested the Mini Briar sweater and tee pattern and received it along with the Mini Tania culottes pattern. I am sharing a great pattern hack for the culottes and a DIY Bloomers over on her blog!
These are some of the fun outtakes of Claire in her adorable outfit. Claire is wearing a Mini Briar made from sweater fabric with appliqued hearts on the front and the sleeves, and she's wearing Mini Tanias made from plaid flannel and turned into bloomers.
I had a lot of fun putting together this outfit. The patterns are really well done and I definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a stylish and professional pattern and doesn't hold your daughter back from playing and running. And there are a lot of pattern hacks and tutorials going on over at Megan Nielsen's blog right now!

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  1. remember how I always said I loved your boy style? let's extend it for the girl too ;)


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