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Me Made: Maternity Wrap Dress for Six Degrees of Separation Sew the Show

I'm excited to share a new dress today inspired by the blog tour Sew the Show: Six Degrees of Separation! You know that game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? The game where you can find that almost any actor, director, etc. is only six degrees from Kevin Bacon. The tour has been bouncing to different sewing blogs showing outfits inspired by movies that can be connected by one degree. We started at Kevin Bacon and are going around until we get back to Kevin Bacon. This is my pretty wrap dress that I made for my movie. Can you guess which movie I chose?
These are the actors that are connected by one degree so far, you'll have to go to each blog to see more! The next stop is Maria Sews so go see how she's connected to me! 
I chose Amy Adams who is in the movie before mine (Man of Steel), and I chose the movie Leap Year. It's a fun chick flick and although it's not my favorite, I've always wanted to make a wrap dress inspired by the one Amy wears during the proposal at the end. I love wrap dresses and hers is so classic and feminine. Mine is a little different since I'm pregnant, but that means it can grow with me and through post-partem.
I used the top part of the Alissa wrap top sewing pattern to get the wrap bodice and sleeves right. I shortened the bodice by three inches so it would come right under my bust. Then I added a wrap circle skirt to make it a dress. It came together quickly and easily. I made it midi length since it's cold and wintery. The hardest part was to hem all the edges. It took a long time, but a double needle made it a little easier. I'm glad I took the time to put it all together and make the hems nice. It's a great basic and classic dress that I'll happily wear.
I really wanted a pale gray color like the movie, but I had this pretty turquoise cotton spandex jersey fabric that seemed a little more winter appropriate. And I LOVE the color. It fits into my capsule wardrobe perfectly. I can't wait to pair it with vests, cardigans, tights, and boots.
I really wanted to take pictures on a cliff like in the movie, and I do live near some cliffs. The weather wasn't cooperating though because either I was in the sun or in the snow. So instead of getting some pretty open views behind me I got some stunning snowy mountains famous in the rockies.
Go see what other movies people were inspired by and what they made! It's been an amazing tour!


  1. That dress is perfect for winter. I love how you made it maternity without it looking too maternity. (If that makes any sense.)
    I can't wait to see what else you pair it with.

  2. You are so adorable. I love that dress and it will be great as you go through the pregnancy!

  3. Beautiful job. So comfortable looking and the color is gorgeous.

  4. WOW!! I'm so impressed! What a great hack, and a functional piece to grow (and shrink again) with you. Great styling too. The midi length looks just awesome with tall boots!

  5. you truly are the queen of maternity sewing =D you look so pretty!!!!


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